PDW Adventurer Mini-Figure

We decided to have a little fun and created our very own mini-figure. This little brick-style adventure dude is decked out in a Defiant Hoodie and Raider Field Pants, backpack, axe, compass, grappling hook and utility belt. He's ready, steady and raring to go. The PDW Adventurer Mini-figure is for the young at heart or the big kid in all of us.
$ 5.95
  • Argh...stuck at the office again? Run with your imagination and dream of all those epic adventures, dangerous, thrilling missions, tomb raiding, and expeditions to mysterious new and undiscovered lands with our mini-figure. He's brawny, fast, clever, handsome, full of swagger, and just look at that smug expression of over confidence on his face. Get him into a bar and a pint in his hand, and he'll be quick to offer manly quips about lions and lambs, or recite that one quote from Heraclitus...you know the one. Women (and men) swoon in his studly presence. Yeah, he's all that and more, but he'll still walk an old lady across the street and feed a stray kitten. He's needs a heroic sounding name...hmm, we think we'll name him "Callan Stryker", but you can name him whatever you want once you own one.
  • Specifications:

    • Approximate Height: 1.75"
    • Molded ABS
    • Complete Set Includes Mini-Figure, Backpack, Axe, Compass, Grappling Hook, Utility Belt, and Base
    • Assembly Required
    • Swagger and Attitude Included
    • Compatible with Other Bricks