Ti-Line ABC

The Ti-Line ABC is a classic, alpine style, alcohol burner core stove made in light weight and durable titanium. This design had been an alpinist's and light weight backpacker's backcountry staple for decades. It uses denatured alcohol, 91%+ isopropyl alcohol, or high proof alcohols like Everclear in a pinch if needed. Dual level jets improve heat output and is designed to boil 1.5 to 2 cups of water. Compact, simple to use and requires little to no maintenance. Can be used as a stand alone stove or a perfect add-on fuel component to use with our Ti-Line MFSS.
$ 27.00
  • This classic alcohol burning stove can be used virtually anywhere in the world where you can find high proof alcohol. So simple to use, "a caveman can do it". Does not use or rely on specialized, processed petroleum based fuels. Burns clean and leaves no mess or residue behind. Original classic versions were made in brass, this modern version features aerospace grade titanium construction for weight reduction, is corrosion proof, and offers a lifetime of durability.

    The Ti-Line ABC can be used on it's own for a minimalist's cookset, with or without optional pot stand, or paired with our Ti-Line MFSS for a more versatile multi-fuel set up.

    Depending on environmental conditions this stove will boil 1.5 to 2 cups (350-500ML) of water with 30-60ML of alcohol fuel, and well suited to prepare today's freeze dried food packs, or just a nice hot cup of tea.
  • Specifications:

    • 6AL-4V Titanium
    Approx. Dimensions:
    • Height: 1.67" / 43mm
    • Diameter: 2.82" / 72mm
    • Titanium Construction
    • Light Weight
    • Corrosion Proof
    • Compact Size
    • Uses Denatured Alcohol, 91%+ Isopropyl Alcohol, or High Proof Alcohol
    • Dual Level Jets
    • 1-2oz / 30-60ML Fuel Level Markings
    • Simple to Use
    • Little to No Maintenance Required
    • Easily Nests into Backpacker's Cups, Pots, Cooksets
    • Boils Approximately 400ML of Water with 30ML of Fuel Around 5 mins in Ideal Conditions
    • Laser Etched All Terrain Graphic
    Approx. Weight:
    • 1.50oz / 42.5g