Versa Bear™

The PDW Versa Bear™ is a happy bear-shaped, re-usable, TSA carry-on approved, food grade, 2oz, silicone, adventure & travel squeeze bottle. Available as a 3-Pack.

  • Designed to carry a wide variety of contents from honey, awesome sauces, body care products and more, for most 3 day-2 night adventures and travel. Inspired by the Gummy Bear & classic plastic Honey Bear bottle, the Versa Bear™ from Prometheus Design Werx is as familiar as it is useful. Versa Bear™ starts as the ideal modern portable honey bear bottle, and can also carry so much more. Where in the world will you take Versa Bear™?

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    Versa Bear™ keeps your favorite locally sourced honey, food condiments, awesome sauces, and more, ready for you to conveniently use in the camp kitchen, and from mountain top to table top.  Versa Bear™ is equally and ideally suited to store and carry your favorite liquid soap, shampoo, lotion and many other body care products so you can clean up and freshen up from trail, beach, mountain cabin to hotel. A portion of the proceeds from sales of the Versa Bear™ is donated by PDW to various wildlife conservancies and to help saving the Honey Bee.

  • Specifications:

    • Available as a 3-Pack
    • User-friendly happy bear shape
    • "No-drip" flip-top cap for easy dispensing
    • Label area on collar accepts 1/4" label-maker tape to mark contents
    • Main Body: 100% translucent, non-toxic, BPA-free, food grade silicone
    • Cap: 100% food grade type 5PP
    • Collar: 100% food grade type 5PP
    • 4.25" tall X 2" wide
    • TSA approved carry-on size 2oz / 60 ml
    • Can stand on either end

    Items not Recommended for use in Versa Bears:
    • Hair serums, detangers, relaxers, volumizers, polishers, smoothers, shine serums, etc. This includes shampoos and conditioners designed to add shine or luster to hair.
    • Products containing Argan Oil (Like Moroccan Hair Oil) are not recommended.
    • Products containing alcohol. Alcohol may be found in some cosmetic products including make-up remover, astringent, aftershave, mouthwash, hair serum, and insect repellent.
    • Sterile Products. Most sterile products are considered compatible with silicone but Versa Bears are not sterilized. As a result of this, we do not recommend Versa Bears for use with fluids where sterilization may be an issue. This includes but is not limited to contact lens solution, liquid prescription medications, or semi-liquid prescription medications.
    • Caustic, corrosive, or flammable products. This includes but is not limited to bleach, drain cleaner, fire starters, and hydrochloric acid.
    • Salicylic Acid (Most often used in acne treatments)
    • Silicone-based lubricants
    • DEET-based insect repellent
    • Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Benzol Peroxide (Most often used in acne treatments)
    • Household chemicals are sold in specifically designed plastic or glass containers by the manufacturer and should never be recanted.

  • "I can’t say that I’ve ever been more excited about a way to transport my condiments, as I am about the Versa Bear Squeeze Bottles...What I love the most about the Versa Bear Squeeze Bottles is that they look like gummi bears...."
    - Bryan Black, ITS
    "The Versa Bear by Prometheus Design Werx is amazing. A modern take on the honey bear, it provides a squeezable container for all things squeezable!"
    - Kt Badger
    "These Versa Bears from work great for travel!"
    - Brian R., California