The Griffin™ - WS


This item is sold "As-Is" and is functionally perfect. Some of these have very slight cosmetic blems such as surface scuffs, which occurred during the assembly process to very slight asymmetrical grinds. Finishes and logos may vary.

The Griffin™ Knife is precision machined, ground, and finished to the highest standards. It is a high level result of a deliberate, careful design process, and an exploration of form and function. Water-jet cut and machined from the premium grade blade steel Bohler M390, the Griffin™ is an exceptionally versatile, sleek, uncompromising, skeleton style knife capable of any multitudes of tasks.

Our proprietary Strikeback™ feature on the spine of the blade, is a unique, CNCed multi-bevel and arc, function-specific design detail that was invented to effectively and efficiently strike ferrocerium rods, eliminating the need to use the main cutting edge for this task and thus retaining the edge’s integrity.

The combination pry tip and cat’s paw nail puller found on the end of the handle is useful from opening paint cans, breaking glass, shucking oysters to reusing nails to build emergency shelters.

The overall profile is an outcome of purpose driven design, and as a "Skeleton" style knife, is an example of a modern, high performance fixed blade knife distilled down to its purest form. The drilled out holes in the handle reduces overall weight while retaining strength, the intensive manufacturing process of full length jimping applied to the handle ensures a solid grip even while the user’s hands may be wet. The extra attention to detail in the form of full chamfering around all of the perpendicular edges creates an extra level of comfort and ease in the hand. The total manufacturing process and attention to detail that PDW applied to the Griffin™ is unlike any other skeleton knife being crafted today. First edition includes a Griffin™ Type 1 morale patch while supplies last.


  • Bohler M390 Steel
Approx. Dimensions:
  • Blade 4"
  • Overall Length 9.25"
  • Thickness .192"
  • Strikeback™ Ferrocerium rod striker
  • Butt End Chisel pry tip with cats paw Nail Puller
  • Flat grind on blade and back swedge
  • .075 Chamfer on all edges
  • Two step mechanical surface treatment
  • Kydex® sheath with Tek-Lok™
  • PDW Logo
Made In:
  • USA
  • US Design Patent
  • Memento Mori Bead & lanyard not included