Fire-Maple Camp Kettle 1.5L

The Fire-Maple 1.5L tea kettle is one of our top choices for family camping and overlanding. Highest production quality for a product of this type. This size is best suited for 4+ person base camp use.
$ 26.00

  • A well made, durable, and packable tea kettle is one of the most oft used pieces of camp cookware you can have in your kit. Well suited with any light weight portable, to a full 2-burner base camp stoves. Quickly boil water for coffee, tea, hot cocoa, to pre-pack meals.

    A PDW Staff favorite for group camping and overlanding, this is the latest model FEAST-T4 with the new molded heat resistant molded handle. Comes boxed with mesh storage bag, and a mesh loose leaf tea ball.

  • Specifications:

    • Hard Anodized Aluminum
    • Molded Handle
    • Stainless Mesh
    Approx. Dimensions:
    • Height: 4.56"
    • Diameter: 6.02"
    • Capacity: 1.5L
    Approx. Weight:
    • 236g/8.32oz