Gray Knights Expedition Flag - Orange


The crest for the Order of the Promethean Gray Knights.

Endeavor to walk the better path, but know the ways of both Darkness and Light. When met by it, Darkness is sometimes a tool to be called upon, but we shall not be corrupted by it. Follow a code, but not so blindly that you can not at times adapt and question it to improve upon it. Stay true to yourself and those in your order. Help each other when we fall and return them to the path. Help others to see the path. One can not achieve perfection, only commit to finding it. Live your life to the fullest, follow your heart and know that your mind will follow. 

Explore land, air, sea, and space with the ability to firmly plant a Gray Knights Expedition Flag at your end of day destinations and campsites. Inspired by the unique system of international maritime signal flags, our Expedition Flag represents a highly visible or subdued way for you to be noticed and signal others that you are where you are. Made of a durable, weatherproof nylon material, that is double sided with dual heavy duty brass grommet attachment points, these flags can be mounted to cordage, whip antennas, trekking to tent poles, packs, and anything else you are able to effectively attach our Gray Knights Expedition Flag to.


  • Weatherproof nylon
  • Heavy duty double layered sewn construction
  • 6" x 11.5"
  • Brass grommets
  • Made in the USA
$ 16.00