PaPs X SPD Edition Tomahawk


A hand forged, custom hand made SPD Edition Tomahawk by PaPs Axes & Tomahawks. This edition features a larger blade edge for general purpose and chopping. Old world craftsmanship, modern American heritage tomahawk design, ready for the wilderness.

These pieces made my Pawel Surdel (PaPs Axes & Tomahawks) are some of the finest custom working cutting tools to come out of Europe. Each hawk is individually hand made with traditional methods and hand forged. With a sturdy traditional hickory handle and a deep industrial grade blued finish, each hand made SPD Edition PaPs Tomahawk is a tried and true, edged tool wilderness companion. The hammer and forging marks on the blade and head are unique and distinct to each piece crafted by a single maker. These are a hammer poll style which allows great versatility in the field for such tasks as pounding tent stakes and more. The blade features a hand stamped maker's mark on one side and the DRB logo on the other. Included with each tomahawk is custom leather edge cover with adjustable thong. 

*This style of tomahawk features a more modern fitment of blade head to haft using the permanent wedge method.*


  • 1055 carbon steel
  • Industrial grade deep blue finish
Approx. Dimensions:
  • 3.25" cutting edge
  • Size: 19" x 6.75"
  • 19" OAL
  • Head Length: 6.75"
  • Head Height: 2.75"
  • Head Width: 1.5"
  • Hammer Face: 1.25"
Approx. Weight:
  • 39 oz
  • Hammer-polled head
  • Darkened hickory handle
  • SPD logo stamped in head
  • PaPs marker's mark
Made In:
  • The EU