PDW 3 Arrows V2 Morale Patch


The arrow as a symbol is found in many forms. It represents the hunter, martial proficiency, focus and direction. Our 3 arrows motif is a reference to the old adage that" One is None, Two is One", and additionally, "Three is...". This version of our 3 Arrows design uses the classic colors found on USGS 7.5' topo maps.

Our distinct design stands out and is laden with meaning. It was also inspired by the scene in Kuroswa's Ran, where a warlord tells his three sons that there is strength in unity as shown by three arrows bundled together. The many lessons our 3 Arrows Morale Patch represents are reminders of the wisdoms and truths that nature, survival, and life will teach us.


  • Height: 2.8" 
  • Fully embroidered rayon thread on canvas backing
  • Hook backing with cover

Sold out.