PDW Expert Tracker LTD ED Morale Patch

Identifying wildlife tracks is a skill that requires a keen eye, powers of observation and great patience. Being able to track wildlife allows you to understand the land and habitat on which you find yourself in, and what living creatures you share it with. It is an essential skill to the hunter and also allows you to avoid unwanted conflict. This Morale Patch design features a stylized grizzly bear track and represents the skills of an expert tracker.

  • There is a modern tale of where as a young man, a renowned wilderness survival skills instructor and expert tracker, who as a child, was once placed in a room by an Apache Elder and told to stay there until he could track the trail of a mouse across the floor. From sustainable hunting, foraging for food, to reading and understanding what other living things you share the wilderness with, avoiding danger, and existing in better harmony with the land, tracking is an ancient and valuable skill even in today's modern world.  

  • Specifications:

    • Height: 2.8"
    • Fully Embroidered Polyester Thread on Canvas Backing
    • Merrow Border
    • Hook Backing with Cover