PDW Hvaldimir Morale Patch

I am Hvaldimir, a beluga whale. I spent most of my life being trained against my will, by the Russian Navy to conduct clandestine maritime operations. Around April 2019, I escaped, and with the assistance of a friendlily Norwegian fisherman I was also freed of my restrictive Russian harness. Since then, I have been hanging about the Tufjord to Hammerfest Harbors trying to survive, occasionally been known to play rugby, retrieve dropped smart phones, and habituate myself to a life lived wild, wise and free.
  • Proceeds from the sale of this morale patch will go towards the Norwegian Orca Survey to help with the feeding and possible relocation of Hvaldimir. We wish the best for this very special beluga whale.
  • Specifications:

    • Height: 2.8"
    • Fully Embroidered, Polyester Thread
    • Hook Backing with Cover