PDW Operation AEGir Mission Patch


The PDW AEGir Mission Patch will commemorate this 2017's annual and ongoing anti-poaching project in the Sea of Cortez. The old pagan Helm of Awe is a potent symbol from Norse Mythology and the core of this morale patch design.

For several years in a row the Prometheus Exploration Team has been official guests of the Mexican Government and working with their equivalent of "Park Rangers" to aid in anti-poaching efforts in the Sea of Cortez. This work involves the scouting, locating, and subsequent removal of illegal fishing nets which harvest endangered fish species as well as causing collateral damage to other species of marine life. The clearance of these nets helps reduce the illegal harvest of these endangered species, collateral marine life death, as well as improve the safety conditions of the local and legitimate communities in the area engaged in the legal fishing economy.

As the scope and volume of work increases in this anti-poaching project, the volunteer efforts of Prometheus Exploration Team and local onsite team, will be supported this year with part of the proceeds from the sales of this mission patch.

To learn more about our past work, please link here


  • Height: 2.8"
  • Fully embroidered polyester thread on canvas backing
  • Hook backing with cover