Prometheus Platoon v1 Morale Patch - Black Out


The black out version of our sigil for the Prometheus Platoon on a fully embroidered morale patch with hook backing. The "Platoon" is an idea. It represents a tight knit group of like minded people, team work and unit cohesion. Looks out for the man or woman next you and they look out for you. Those in a "Platoon" takes care of its own.

This distinct sigil is comprised of the signature PDW base triangle/hexagon frame; the historical references to the spears used by hoplites in any phalanx, and arrows as supporting combat icons. The phalanx is a potent analogy for the unit cohesion, loyalty, and esprit de corp we hold ourselves to in the Platoon.


  • Height: 2.8" 
  • Fully embroidered rayon thread on canvas backing
  • Hook backing with cover