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PDW co-founders Patrick York Ma and Chris Whitney teamed up to forge a company with a simple and direct mission: to craft superlative, multi-purpose performance equipment and accessories to outfit the uncommon individual for self reliance, challenges off and on the grid and a life of adventure. PDW’s mission can be more simply expressed in the statement, “Virtute Vera.” By strength of the body, will and mind, anyone can conquer the world and blaze their own trail through it.

With over 40 years of fabrication and design experience in a variety of fields and disciplines relevant to this mission, Patrick and Chris have carefully crafted pragmatic and rugged tools to help adventure-seekers successfully achieve this exceptional level of strength. They have been involved in workshops their entire lives, observing, learning and perfecting the skills necessary to craft premier, durable and versatile functional performance equipment and accessories. The co-founders pursue a wide variety of outdoor adventures and ever-evolving challenges, from backpacking and snow sports to recreational shooting and overlanding.

As a result of their extensive experience off the beaten path, their detailed design sensibilities and fabrication knowledge, Chris and Patrick are crafting pragmatic tools that function at the highest levels possible in their intended contexts and environments. The two not only assume executive responsibilities and roles in PDW, but they are also at the core of PDW’s R&D Team, ensuring that every step of the product’s lifespan is precisely and thoroughly executed, from ideation to the delivery to the end user. Every part, component and detail that goes into each design serves a specific purpose, and its whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Patrick and Chris have evolved and developed their skills while learning from the most intellectual minds in design history and by studying the aggregate tenets of good design. This deep understanding of design has allowed them to build their own unique space in design history, diving into the unknown and unseen and weaving in their own design sensibilities to forge an endless amount of design possibilities.

There is no cap to what is possible in the world of design, and PDW strives to fill the in the gaps as well as create new directions in the realm of outdoor performance equipment and accessories to give the end user the highest performance, durable and functional products available. We hope our products help you conquer the most difficult challenges you meet with precision and strength.

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