Prometheus Design Werx

Special Projects Division

The Prometheus Design Werx’s “Special Projects Division” is tasked with creating experimental runs, limited production editions, collaborations, tackling unusual design challenges, and creating unexpected but useful results that may often change and/or improves the nature of things in a particular context. Any one of our product categories may feature a Special Project when available.

From quickly exploring a spontaneously generated idea, working with small cottage industries, individual craftsmen to specialized requests from units and groups, our Special Projects Division’s responsibilities are to design and create these limited edition products. We work to fulfill the needs for the company and the client. When you see this logo used by Prometheus Design Werx, it means that the products it is found on, is limited in quantity, a unique iteration, experimental, special request, and/or a finite production run. Should demands and available conditions allow for subsequent higher volume runs for a SPD edition present themselves, the company may elect to move this program into the main fleet of products under the standard PDW logo.

We created this division to allow us to move swiftly and with agility in pursuing certain creative outputs. From time to time expect the unexpected, recognize the unique nature of these exclusive designs, and apply them to your life as you see fit.

The SPD Logo

The Special Projects Division is represented by this unique logo and its variations. It is comprised of an octopus, a trident, and framed by a modified 6-sided polygon. Each of the elements has a particular meaning. The octopus reflects unexpected capabilities, adaptability, keen problem solving intelligence, and exceptional dexterity. The trident represents tools and tool making. The 6-sided polygon is a hybrid shape representing the strength of a triangle and also the shared efficiency of the hexagon as found in nature and replicated by humankind.

"Try not. Do or do not. There is no try."

- Yoda, Master Jedi

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