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Operation Aqua Terra: Chris Whitney Loadout

Operation Aqua Terra is an annual trip that we go on to fully immerse ourselves in the environment. We use the trip as a way to test and use gear in a number of different conditions including hiking, climbing, swimming and more in one river canyon area by the Central Californian Coast. One of the requirements of this particular outing is that all of our gear has to be kept dry while immersed in the river.

Below you can see Chris Whitney's loadout for this annual trip.


    • Arc’ Terex LEAF jacket
    • Arc’ Terex LEAF back pack
    • Pack-It Freezer bag
    • Pacific outdoor gear Dry Bag
    • Snow peak stove
    • Titanium alcohol stove
    • GSI Ti cook set
    • Snow peak Ti coffee cup
    • ITS Tactical Vapur Water bottle
    • Gerber folding shovel
    • Carhartt bennie
    • Revo Polarized sunglasses
    • Unbreakable Comb
    • PDW Rash guard
    • Pelican water proof box
    • Bic Lighters
    • Emergency Cigar
    • Petzel Headlamp
    • Mag Lite LED flashlight
    • First aid/Suture kit
    • Fire starting kit, push strike Ferro rod, wet fire tinder
    • Signal mirror, emergency whistle
    • Microfiber towel
    • Two Klean Canteens
    • Extrema Ratio Kukri
    • Extrema Ratio Shrapnel OG
    • Swiss army knife
    • 4’’ folder

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