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Buyer’s Guide: The High Standard in EDC Gear for a Day in the Outdoors


Everyday Carry (EDC) gear has been integral to the human experience since the day our ancient ancestors picked up their first stone tool. Of course, everyday carry has come a long way since then, but the original intent has always been the same; objects and tools that enhance your daily life in a meaningful way.

Everything we design and produce at Prometheus Design Werx is an item that we ourselves would use. Our products are purpose-driven and uncompromising in their functionality, quality, and attention to detail. This article will explore essential gear we would use and take on a day in the wilderness.

1. Wilderness Utility Urban Lay Flat (W.U.U.L.F) Pack 24

Mountaineer carrying the Wilderness Utility Urban Lay Flat (W.U.U.L.F) Pack 24L
The Wilderness Utility Urban Lay Flat (W.U.U.L.F) design is an updated and upgraded top-loading pack design based on the classic alpine or summit assault pack. Modular and versatile, this pack can be easily and quickly scaled and customized for multiple uses based on your needs. From a well-paced 12-miler to snowshoeing, a session at the crags, or even a light-load overnighter, this pack has you covered. The W.U.U.L.F. Pack 24L was born for the wilderness but crafted with modern design considerations dialed for urban EDC. The pack is characterized by a unique center front 2-way zipper that allows a secondary B.E. access/entry point into the main compartment when the top lid is closed. When laid on a flat surface, it allows up to 90% access to the main compartment so you can easily stash and organize your loadout with ease.

2. FD Pouch

Man foraging wild edibles into his FD pouch, Man placing an object into his FD pouch with a durable mesh, and FD pouch hoisted on a man's waist.

The Forage Dump Pouch is the most versatile pouch of its kind on the market today. With this pouch, you get three different storage modules included; each dialed for uses they are best suited for. You can easily swap out the modules as needed and use them with an adjustable shoulder strap or mount it on any MOLLE (modular lightweight load-carrying equipment) platform with our MCA (M.OLLE C.ompatible A.rray) and optional HAL1 Straps. From foraging to material collection to a magazine dump, the FD Pouch is an indispensable accessory for bushcrafting, wilderness survival, urban exploration, or going down range.

3. SPX Pouch

Smart phone & power bank pouch.

Smartphones can weigh you down or easily fall from your pants or shorts when spending a rigorous day trekking, climbing, and scrambling outdoors. That’s why we created a pouch that will allow you to wander free and enjoy the outdoors without any encumbrances. The SPX Pouch is designed to hold any smartphone, has a divider where you can put your power bank, and an extra pocket to stash charging cables. This convenient pouch has lightweight padding to protect your devices from bumps and a top flap with a quick-release Fidlock V-buckle. Ditch the annoying weight of devices in your pockets while you're on the go outdoors, and try an off-body SPX Pouch that will allow you to easily access your devices.

4. Tool Pouch

Open tool pouch carrying multiple tools.

The Tool Pouch can be used to store multitools, folding knives, flashlights, monoculars, and other EDC tools. It conveniently uses a QR SR buckle to open and close. The pleated construction gives it volume and features our M.OLLE C.ompatible A.rray, which allows it to be easily mounted on pack straps, utility belts, and plate carriers. Simple, useful, excellently crafted, and highly versatile in carrying many EDC tools in an off-body format.

5. Pack Rain Fly 15L-30L

Adventurer covering his backpack with the pack rain fly.

The PDW Pack Rain Fly packs down small and stays out of the way until you need it. This best-made, lightweight pack rain cover is compact and will keep your pack dry in rainy wet conditions like life in the PNW, jungle treks, and monsoon seasons. Perfectly sized for 15L to 30L backpacks and a perfect fit for the SHADO Pack 24L.

6. A.G. Watch Cap

Hiker wearing the A.G watch cap.

Our A.G. Watch Cap is inspired by the classic cold weather headwear used during WWII by USN sailors, Seabees, Merchant Marines, and other service members. Unlike other beanies, the A.G. Watch Cap is made using premium 100% Merino wool yarns sourced from Italy. It offers a comfortable, rugged, yet refined look and is easy to take care of with machine wash and dry. We knit our watch caps right here in the USA in a versatile 3-season weight. Add the A.G. Watch Cap to your wardrobe and retain vital body heat whenever the temperatures begin to drop in any season.

7. Ti-Line MFSS

The Ti-Line MFSS being used in a camping site.

The Ti-Line Multi-Fuel Survival Stove (MFSS) is made from aerospace grade, corrosion-proof, strong yet lightweight titanium. It is lightweight, versatile, and compact in nature, making it easily fit in your pack. With different multifuel options, you can use your fuel of choice without being restricted to processed petroleum-based fuels such as white gas or isobutane-propane cartridges. The Ti-Line MFSS perfectly nests in most backpacking-type 500ML pots and is a great fit with our 600ML Mini-Pot/Mug. This is the perfect self-contained cooking set for wilderness travels. You can easily put it together and has a small packed footprint allowing it to easily fit into any pack or bag. Get it today and experience field expedient outdoor cooking experience that is efficient, sustainable, and remains usable in the field long after any white gas or fuel canisters run out.

8. Ti-Line 600ML Mini Pot/Mug

A closed Ti-Line 600ML Mini Pot and an open Ti-Line 600ML Mini Pot.


Designed to be multipurpose for the single user, the Ti-Line 600ML Mini Pot/Mug is a versatile cookware piece that can be used to brew a hot beverage or prepare a pack of instant noodles. It is made out of a special titanium alloy that is durable, strong, fingerprint-resistant, and corrosion-proof for outdoor cooking. It features a unique bottom that can securely seat on a variety of pocket stoves, improving stability with your preferred stove. Fitted with foldable handles for easier packing and drain holes in the lid to strain water when making pasta, the Ti-Line 600 Mini Pot/Mug is the perfect addition for avid backpackers and campers alike.

9. Ti-Line ABC

The Ti-Line alcohol burner core.


The Ti-Line ABC stove is the modern version of the original classic alcohol-burning stove. Made with aerospace titanium for weight reduction and durability, the Ti-Line ABC stove is very compact and is a huge improvement from the brass version. This design is one of the lightest and most durable flame jet-type alcohol stoves available today that run on high-proof alcohol, denatured alcohol, and 91%+ isopropyl alcohol. It burns clean and leaves no mess or residue behind, helping reduce the environmental footprint. This stove can be used as a stand-alone stove or can be combined with the Ti-Line MFSS as a fuel component and is an alpinist's and lightweight backpacker's backcountry staple.

10. BSP

A closed backpacker stove pouch and an open backpacker stove pouch showing the Ti-line 600ml mini pot.


Carry your wilderness cookset, including your fuels and fire ignition materials, in one go. The Backpacker Stove Pouch (BSP) is designed to be a compact and convenient cook set carrier for outdoor enthusiasts. This 3-pocket organizer is lightweight and has enough space to fit our Ti-Line 600ML Mini Pot/Mug and everything that nests inside. It also fits gas cartridge-type stoves and most 500ML backpacking-style pots. Keep your stove and cook set neatly organized and stowed in the lightweight and durable BSP.

11. Ti-[Takedown] Chopsticks

Mahogany chopsticks with aluminum handles on a wooden surface.


Made with aerospace-grade titanium, our travel chopsticks are great for eating a bowl of hot, steaming instant noodles. They are made of high-quality mahogany tips and titanium tubes, which also act as integral storage compartments for the tips. Get your noodle on with the Ti-Takedown Chopsticks.

12. Ti-SST DTB

Waterproof titanium survival tube with a "pineapple" style pattern storing matches.


Get a minimalist survival stash tube that exhibits a combination of durability, strength, and toughness, just like any seasoned adventurer. The Ti-SST DTB is a weatherproof survival stash tube designed to help you secure what matters most. Our Ti-SST DTB is built using aerospace-grade 6AL-4V titanium and has the unique MK2 "pineapple" style, sure-grip surface pattern to make sure it stays secure in your hand. You can use it to store your fire-making essentials, as it is waterproof and has a textured bottom for strike-anywhere-matches. Bring the PDW Ti-SST DTB with you in any environment, safely tucked away in a pocket, backpack, or around the neck with cordage.

13. Ti-Signal Whistle

The Ti-Signal whistle.


Alert others in your search or rescue party with the Ti-Signal whistle, which is built from a solid, corrosion-proof 6AL-4V titanium billet. It is designed to produce a loud, sharp, piercing sound, rated 120 decibels, and features the Mk2 style pineapple pattern for sure grip in different weather conditions. The Ti-Signal whistle can be easily carried anywhere as part of your keyring or by wearing it around your neck with the included stainless steel ball chain. Lightweight, rustproof, durable, and indispensable. Make it a part of your high-grade wilderness survival kit.

14. Ti-FS MK2

TiFS MK2 on a rocky surface and an open TiFS MK2.


Start fires anywhere conveniently and with ease. The TiFS MK2 refillable fire starter is a well-suited addition to any backpack, survival kit, or key chain. This capsule-style peanut lighter is extremely compact and is made using a 6AL-4V titanium billet. It also features a milled grip pattern inspired by the classic WWII-era grenade, which makes it secure and easy to use in any type of weather condition. Additionally, the TiFS Mk2 was designed with a rubber seal that keeps fuel from evaporating, ensuring extended use. with the TiFS MK2. Add this premium titanium lighter to your essential EDC and enjoy fire-making in the backcountry.

15. G10 SAK Scales

Swiss Army Knives with Prometheus G10 scales


Made for those who enjoy time in the wilderness, our special high-grade snap on SPD Edition G10-SAK Scales come with a myriad of features, including a precision-milled contoured shape that also has a Glow-in-the-Dark dot that helps locate your SAK at night. They also feature a billet titanium pocket clip with our SPD Kraken Trident Logo for easy storage in any pants pocket. To top it off, these high-grade premium scales are press-fit permanent replacements that can be easily installed without breaking a sweat. Transform your Swiss army knife into a high-level EDC multi-tool with our SPD Edition G10-SAK Scales today.

16. AG Insulated Water Bottle

A closed AG insulated water bottle on a rock.


Stay hydrated on your backpacking trips with the AG insulated water bottle. This water bottle is made out of durable, food grade, 18/8 stainless steel and is vacuum sealed to keep drinks cold or hot. It holds about 1L and has a wide mouth-style opening to easily add ice. To make it even more convenient for use in the wild, the wide-mouth style opening is also designed to be compatible with a variety of popular water filters. Our factory direct production allows us to offer these at a great value for a premium-grade water bottle.

17. Stash Pouch Size 1 (SP1)

An open stash pouch holding rope.


This handy zippered pouch is ideal for anything from binoculars, personal effects, trail snacks, survival items, and three of our Versa Bears™. The SP1 pouch is made from sturdy yet lighter-weight 500D Cordura® for lasting durability. It also comes with an MCA (MOLLE Compatible Array) backing, plus our optional HAL1 Straps™, and works with MOLLE system 3rd party straps. Keep your gear and EDC items organized with this neat stash pouch.

18. Versa Bears

A versa bear filled with honey on a wooden surface.


The PDW Versa Bear™ is a versatile bear-shaped, re-usable, TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved carry-on made for the travel-ready adventurist. This BPA-free, non-toxic bear-shaped bottle can be used to carry all your awesome sauces and condiments. You can also use it to pack liquid soap, sunscreen, and of course, honey. Perfect for backpacking, overlanding, camping, personal hygiene use, and camp kitchen use, the Versa Bear™ has many of your storage needs covered. Pack for week-long adventures with a Versa Bear and help save the honey bee as a portion of the proceeds from sales of the Versa Bear™ is donated by PDW to various wildlife conservancies.

19. SPD X Hardcore Hammers Survivalist

An SPD X Hardcore Hammer.


Our SPD X Hardcore Hammers Survivalist is small enough to fit into a backpack and formidable enough to cut and split wood. This Hardcore Hammers Survivalist Hatchet has a 19oz head resting on an 18″ American Hickory curved handle with a custom, hand-applied, tricolor accent, and SPD Kraken Trident stamp. It also comes with a top-quality, custom-made leather sheath for safe storage and is a completely versatile tool with a nail/tent stake puller and hammer end. Stay ready for any adventure with this premium hatchet that is the epitome of US tool-making excellence.

20. UL Solo Hammock

A man resting on a UL solo hammock in the wilderness.


Our PDW Solo Pack Hammock is ultra-light and can be packed into the smallest pack or bag. However, don’t let its lightweight nature fool you. It can support a full-grown adult with up to the weight of 330lb/150kg and is good for trekkers, backpackers, and adventure travelers who love packing light. It comes with 2 tree straps and two 5KN-rated mini carabiners so that you can conveniently set it up anywhere with two sturdy trees. Enjoy a time out anytime, anywhere (as long as you’ve got 2 anchor points) in nature with our premium solo hammock.

21. Ti-HDR Watch Strap

Ti-HDR Watch Strap


The PDW Ti-HDR Strap is a better, modified version of the classic, military-issue nylon watch strap. The classic NATO or "G10" strap was originally introduced in 1973 with the British Ministry of Defence and was made with a thin nylon strap plus chrome-plated brass buckles and "ring" keepers. We have re-engineered the Ti-HDR Strap with heavier gauge titanium in the rings and buckles for total corrosion resistance in any environment. It is also designed to be 100% non-magnetic so as to not interfere with strap-worn compasses. Upgrade your watch with our rugged, titanium hardware diver's style watch strap and enjoy superior performance and durability in the field.

22. EWB Compass Kit

EWB Compass Kit


The EWB Compass Kit relies purely on the earth’s magnetic field to operate and can be used in multiple outdoor environments with no batteries needed ever. This compass is smartly designed to be worn on a nylon NATO-style watch band in 20mm to 22mm or carried using its silicone carrier, which is included in the kit. The high-grade, oil-filled button compass is waterproof, rated to 100M/300’, and well suited for many diving activities. The silicone carrier can be easily girth hitched to any pack sternum straps or webbing for handy access when on the trail. The EWB-Compass Kit features a precision-made, aerospace-grade titanium billet case to house the button compass, for years of reliable use. One of the most critical tools in any wilderness traveler’s kit is a foolproof compass, and this one checks off all the core boxes on your checklist.

23. Ti-FST


The Ti-FST titanium stash tube with two compartments.

The Ti-FST (F.ire S.upport T.ool) was designed to cover two of your core wilderness survival needs: storing fire-making supplies and navigation. It is a precision-machined titanium stash tube with two compartments that is enhanced with the extra features you need to survive in the wilderness. It features a waterproof top cap with a built-in, oil-filled button compass, an anti-roll hexagonal body, and industrial knurling for a firm grip and a surface for strike-anywhere matches. The main compartment is sized to fit strike-anywhere matches, our optional Ti-1HSU, or appropriately sized ferro rods. The secondary compartment is sized to perfectly house an optional German mae, barrel-type pencil sharpener to create tinder shavings or extra pre-made tinder. It is also constructed with aerospace grade 5, corrosion-proof, lightweight, and strong titanium billet to withstand harsh environments. The Ti-FST is made for those who are uncompromising in their lives and gear and require the highest level of standards.

24. Ti-1HSU

The 1-HSU in its presentation-git tin.


Our best-in-class titanium one-handed sparking unit is precision made from titanium billet with expert attention to detail. It draws its DNA from the original US military issue, aircrew version, but here is where we took it to the next level with extended service life and functionality upgrades. For starters, we integrated the driver to unscrew and access the flint spring into the cap. The cap itself holds additional flints extending its usability in the field per refill, by 4X. We milled two neck down sections in the main body for user-defined nano cord to fishing line. We also applied fine industrial knurling to the body for sure grip in different conditions. The Ti-1HSU can be comfortably operated using one hand regardless of injury or incapacitation. This is the finest, reusable, one-handed, fire-making sparking unit made anywhere and an integral part of any best-made, core, fire-making survival kit.


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