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Operation: Aqua Terra

The PDW Field Team traveled deep into the California wilderness to test prototype gear in a variety of demanding conditions.

Equipped with dry bags, amphibious apparel, and multi-day packs the team navigated a river gorge to a metamorphic rock perch which would be home base for the next 48 hours.

can·yon·eer·ing noun \ˌkan-yə-ˈnir-iŋ\ : the sport of exploring canyons (as by climbing, rappelling, or rafting)“

Traversing over fallen trees and plunging into chilled water the team pushed on through and up the river canyon.

Everyone‘s equipment was put to the test in the changing terrain.

Frequently stress-testing gear helps PDW create more useful products that have been field tested in variable to extreme conditions.

Sensitive gear, including seven cameras, drone, comm kit, and survival essentials were packed in water-tight bags.

Bryan Black, founder of ITS, is one of a select few attending the excursion.

Bryan had the honor of starting our campfire with out matches or a lighter, using only primitive fire-making skills.

There are many valuable takeaways from field excursions, but brotherhood and camaraderie always rank the highest.

The Field Team for Operation: Aqua Terra

Team Members (left to right): Bryan Black (ITS), Alex Riley (PDW), Vincent Guglielmina (7th Movement), Christopher Whitney (PDW), Michael Weisbaum (PDW), Patrick Ma (PDW), Chris Van Loan (Talus), Thom McCallum (7th Movement), behind the camera Marc Fiorito (Gamma Nine)

 Team Member Load Outs:


Photos by: Marc Fiorito (Gamma Nine) Chris Van Loan (Talus)

Story by: Marc Fiorito (Gamma Nine) Michael Weisbaum (PDW)

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