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May the Spork
Be With You

There is no ignorance, there is the Spork. There is no passion, there is the Spork. There is no chaos, there is the Spork. There is no death, there is the Spork.

A Very Special
Titanium Spork

Full Titanium Construction (Okay...we wish it was Beskar, but ever since the Imperials hoarded so much of that stuff, it's become so hard to come by, we had to choose the next best alloy, titanium.)


A unique titanium eating utensil befitting an equally unique variant of our Special Projects Division logo laser etched on the underside.

From the Core Worlds
to the Outer Rim

The titanium food eating utensil of choice among the Knights of the Light Side, the Acolytes of the Dark Side, Bounty Hunters, Smol Force Babies and so many more galactic denizens.


Whether you favor a trusty blaster or a more elegant lightsaber, you'll need this spork just the same to eat those New Republic or Imperial ration packs.

Product Specs


  • Titanium

Approx. Dimensions

  • OAL: 165mm / 6.50"


  • 28.3g / 1.0oz


  • Full Titanium Construction
  • Heavy Tumbled, "Used Future" Finish
  • Unique Asymmetrical Design
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Laser Etched SPD Kraken Spork Graphic
  • Come Packed in Kraft Cardboard Box with Aurebesh Markings, and Poly Mesh Bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Daniel Tapia Jr.
A better designed Spork !

There are many variations of Sporks out there.
But this one is better designed cause the fork prongs are slightly longer, thinner and a bit more open. So functions way better than other designs.
Whose prongs are too short and close together to work well.

Phil G
Very nice spork

Well thought out spork. The tines are large enough to be usable for fork things and the spoon still works for spoon things. Its titanium! Only drawback would be if you are a lefty it’s not setup to be optimal for you. I’ve bought one of these for all my immediate family now.

Orlando Rios
The Spork will be with you...Always

As a fan of the SW franchise, including that place at the EDGE of the GALAXY, these sporks are incredible! They fill the hand nicely; have a good teaspoon-size amount of space in the 'spoon' part; excellent tines that do not impale you, but still gets a good grip when stabbing heartier foods, and a nice, stonewashed look to them. Bought four as gifts and one for myself. The carrying bag adds a nice touch of class to this very useful utensil! And it's TITANIUM!!! The ninth most abundant element (and fourth most abundant metal) on earth!
The only drawback, as a fan, is the Aurebesh writing on the box. The intention was well thought out, but any SW geek worth their salt would have seen that some of the letters were printed backwards on the box. Without giving the older code away (but it checks out), will say that three letters may need to be reversed horizontally. Will this make the box a collectible because the printing is off? Maybe not, but this is something that quality assurance should have caught. Still, this spork is what will bring food in warm OR cold!

Thank you for the review Orlando! Interesting about the use or Aurebesh grammar. It was our understanding and even after speaking to some of our contacts at Lucasfilm, reversed letters in Aurebesh are consider capital? So our text on the box was intended to be in Aurebesh title case. We def appreciate the keen eye on getting the details correct in the SW universe!

Lukas Paro
Great product- Doesn't include the force

Excellent quality- Sharp tines and a good , enough edge for cutting softer meats and foods with ease. Not the best for liquid extraction from vessels with steep walls, the shallow nature of the spoon and the tines interrupt contact with the bottom. Otherwise excellent.

Kevin Cross
Best Spork Design and Material!

I love it. I’ve had a love affair with sporks and titanium for ages, and this is the best I’ve ever come across…for an equally excellent price.
My only critique (and because I would like to display it on my hobo kit) is that I wish the logo Kraken was flipped 180.
Originally I bought two, but had to reorder after extended family discovered how easily it fit in their pocket.

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