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Most all of our designs are born from a passion for life in the wilderness and backcountry. Our goods are intended to allow their users to operate and roam freely in these environments with unwavering confidence in their capabilities. The goods we make to EDC in the wilderness, the street and even sometimes in dangerous places, are versatile, built for long life, and are force multipliers for a life less ordinary and a life of adventure. 


A hollow handled survival knife, expertly hand crafted and precision engineered by Sam Wilson. The finest leather sheath handmade by Brian Gustad of Sagewood Gear.

Hollow Handle

Using a modern hollow handle construction method, this fixed blade knife allows the storage of survival supplies. The butt cap comes with a built in oil filled button compass for navigation and uses an o-ring for weatherproofness. 


Store your choice of survival items like matches, backup mini-ferro rod, and the PDW Ti-1HSU (fire making sparking unit). Two is one, one is none.

Leather Sheath
by Sagewood Gear

The accompanying leather sheath is excellently made by Brian Gustad of Sagewood Gear. A master in his craft and a perfectly dressed fit for the SPD S.A.F.E. System 1 Scout Knife. The sheath also features a ferro rod tube and ideal for the optional PDW Ti-SFR. Putting these 2 tools together is like peanut butter and jelly.

Details Make
the Design

We included as many functional details into this knife-kit as we believed truly useful. The Sagewood leather sheath was also custom fitted with a sharpening stone pocket to fit the classic DC3 sized sharpening stone.


Unique to the SPD X Wilson S.A.F.E. System 1 Scout knife is a custom spec 4-hole lashing dual finger guard. Should you ever wish to lash the knife onto a wood staff, the 4-holes allow ample points for securing with cordage.


This custom collab between PDW and Sam Wilson falls under our Special Projects Division and features our SPD Kraken Trident mark. Uniquely applied as a debossed or impression mark on the blade.

SPD Marks

This edition also features the SPD mark engraved on the knurled handle buttcap.

Long Life
EDC Tools

At PDW we create all of our goods to last far beyond the standard industry life cycles. The highest quality of make, the best materials we can source, smart, purpose driven design and built to last.

Product Specs


  • Niagara CPM154 Steel 59-60RC
  • Type III Anodized T6061
  • Full Grain Leather
  • Nylon Micro-cord Cordage

Approx. Dimensions

  • Blade 4.75"
  • Handle Length: 5.00"
  • Overall Length 9.75"
  • Blade Thickness .1875"
  • Handle Diameter: 1.05"


  • Knife: 9.00oz / 255gm
  • Sheath 8.30oz / 235gm


  • SPD Exclusive 4-hole Lashing Finger Guard
  • American Clip Point Grind (Loveless Chute Style)
  • Hard Anodized Dark OD Green AL Hollow Handle Construction for Survival Materials
  • Oiled Filled Button Compass Inside Butt Cap
  • Weatherproof O-ring Butt Cap Seal
  • 20' OD Green Micro-cord Cordwrap
  • Dual Finger Guard
  • Matte Blade Finish
  • Crisp Edge Blade Spine to Scrape Ferro Rods
  • Sagewood Gear Full Grain Leather with Ferro Rod Tube and Sharpening Stone Pocket
  • Leather Belt Loop


  • TEKLINE Wilson
  • SPD Kraken Trident

Made in

  • USA

Customer Reviews

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Marco Bonati
Fantastic Fixed Blade!

The SPD X Wilson Safe knife is a great fixed blade camp/survival knife. The knife itself is very well made and balanced. It almost feels as though it’s an extension of your hand, the ergonomics are that good. The leather sheath is beautiful and I expect will only get better with age/use. If you’re in the market for a well made purpose built fixed blade I recommend giving this knife serious consideration.

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