SPD X WTG Kraken PDW Logo Morale Patch

Adaptability, Strength, Intelligence, and Problem Solving, just some of the core principles that make up who we are. Here we see an octopus clutching our six sided polygon PDW Logo, some of our most distinctive and iconc graphics.

To learn more about our logos, you can check them out here: Who We Are and Special Projects Division
  • "Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?” ~ Sun Tzu

    Steve St-Louis is the Principal and designer behind Webtechgear. As a native and resident of Canada, he is immersed in his nation’s natural, rugged beauty, and adapting with its seasons. He frequently finds himself engaged in a variety of wilderness and outdoor activities from fitness training, hiking, to precision shooting.

    Beginning his creative and design career as a photographer and then continuing on with graphic design, Steve has been passionate, well versed, and studied in these professional fields. Combining his interests with his creative skill set, he works closely with and is recognized for his design services to prestigious clients and companies internationally in the outdoor, tactical, military, law enforcement services, and products spaces. You may see more of Steve St-Louis’ work on his website or the Webtechgear facebook page.

  • Specifications:

    • Height: 2.8" 
    • Fully Woven High Detail Polyester Thread
    • Hook Backing with Cover