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A Scout Knife

Our highly popular DRB Scout Knife returns with an updated tool selection making it more useful for backcountry and EDC than ever before. Each knife features select stag scales and every knife will have its own distinct appearance by virtue of its natural handle materials.

Modern Heritage

Heritage DNA, solidly build, and 9 handy, classic tools for modern day use. From the wilderness to urban EDC.  #hikebikecampshootridedive


8 Tools
9 Functions

Our newest DRB Scout Knife RL features a total of 8 tools and 9 functions, making this one versatile and capable multi-bladed slipjoint. 


The genuine hand select stag handle scales are a heritage touchstone to a past era before the ubiquitous use of plastics, or resin/epoxies laminates. There's not a single piece of plastic in this knife, just steel and bone. The main blade features our classic Danger Ranger Bear graphic etched on to the surface.

Phillips Driver
Not Corkscrew

We also made the useful upgrade of adding a Phillips driver in place of the corkscrew. Would you rather use your scout knife to open a bottle of wine, or use a Phillips driver to tighten or loosen a screw? Yeah, we thought so, the latter is far more useful on a day to day basis.

Hobo Fork

The DRB Scout Knife RL even features a hobo fork for you know, just in case you want to eat that corned beef or baked beans once you've opened the can. Could be used to roast a marshmallow for s'mores in an emergency.

Made in

After the closure of the Pennsylvanian knife making facility who made our first scout knives, it took a few years PDW to find a worthy new partner. We are now working with Italian knife manufacturer Mercury Srl, based in historic Maniago ("City of Knives"), Italy.


Look for the DRB logo on exclusive products in the PDW website to purchase, use or wear and show off that you’re no longer an ignorant, doughy tenderfoot. Take the moose by the horns (actually a really terrible idea, DRB does not suggest that you do this but it was a play on another ol’ idiom), turn that hipster beard into mountainman scruff, lace up those waffle stomper hiking boots, hit the trail, walk as tall as Paul Bunyan, tune in with nature like John Muir, and be rough and ready as Jeremiah Johnson. #dangerrangerbear

Product Specs


  • Damasteel RWL34™ Stainless Steel
  • A440 Stainless Steel
  • Hand Select Genuine Stag

Approximate Dimensions

  • OAL Closed: 3.75"
  • Main Blade Length: 3.00"
  • Approximate Thickness: 0.80"

Approximate Weight

  • 4.31oz / 122g


  • Damasteel RWL34™ Stainless Steel Main Blade
  • Construction Type: Slipjoint
  • Hand Select Genuine Stag Scales
  • Danger Ranger Bear Graphic Etched on Main Blade
  • 8 Tools / 9 Functions
    • Main Blade
    • Wood Saw
    • Hobo Fork
    • Bottle Cap Lifter / Flat Head Driver
    • Can Opener
    • Scissors
    • Awl
    • Phillips Driver
  • Split Ring/Lanyard Hole
  • Polished Finish


  • DRB Logo Etched
  • Makers Mark

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Gary McMullan
DRB Scout Knife RL - Awesome knife

Great pocket knife with mostly useable tools only. Fit & finish on the one I received was excellent including the stag. I will probably never use the fork but it is still a cool feature. The Phillips driver rather than a corkscrew is a very welcome addition. This is a very nice throwback to the scout or camp knives many of us baby boomers grew up with. Great job on this one!

scott paz
Great Knife

the knife is well manufactured and beautifully made.
i look forward to using it frequently and for a long while.

James Reynolds
Cool, old school knife

Love this for bushcraft and all other camping. Very high quality. Only suggestion would be to make the awl a little sharper to use as a ferro rod scraper. Very nice piece of kit

Very nice.

Overall a very well built knife. All junctions including the back springs are level and consistent. Spring pressure is level along all tools. The blade’s grinds are even, including the edge. The scissors use easy-to-find Victorinox type spring. Only issue, and a minor one due to the handle material: two of the handle rivet heads are a bit sharp where the head meets the handle. Overall, an excellent, usable piece of gear.

Nailed it.

This arrived {as has every official/semi-official Boy Scout Knife(TM)(C) I've ever had} a little gritty, and tight enough to rip off my weak-a$$ fingernails. A couple drops of Tuf-Glide and a bit of spring-workout later, I decided it would go with me to Big South Fork NRRA for a few days last weekend, and I didn't regret it. Least of all, I hadn't been out in a while, and had forgotten a few useful things. Just like its spiritual forebears (pun intended), this knife offered a solution every time I realized what it was I needed but had forgotten to bring along. Nice work, guys & gals of PDW!

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