Prometheus Design Werx

Purpose-Driven & Multi-Use Design

The W.ilderness U.tility U.rban L.ay design is a modern interpretation of the classic, alpine style, top-loading summit assault pack.

Built for Multiple Environments

Designed and built for use in the wilderness and backcountry, with features for urban use as well. This pack’s numerous considerations make it a versatile, modern-day tripper for today's backcountry, trails, a bike run to the grocery store, or a day at the office.

Premium Materials

The W.U.U.L.F. Pack is built with 500D Cordura, a material that has proven to be a great balance of life-long durability and lesser weight. The W.U.U.L.F. pack was constructed to handle the rigor of the day in and day out use in multiple environments.

Versatile Performance

The W.U.U.L.F. Pack 24L, like our S.H.A.D.O. Pack 24L, represents a lifelong, yet constantly evolving core design ethos and aesthetic seen throughout all of our PDW products. The DNA of the W.U.U.L.F. Pack 24L can be traced to the classic design and engineering lineage of the core outdoor and alpine sports tradition. Versatile and modular pack accessories are available for you to customize your pack to suit your needs, for your one day 12 miler, a trip to the local crags, snowshoeing, to an evening of food truck crawling, or a day's worth of work stuff.

Designed to Last

To address the less durable stretch fabrics used for most packs' water bottle pockets, we introduced a new double-gusseted design using the 500D and adjustable shock cord. And should the cord elastic ever blow out, it is user replaceable.

We chose to use alloy tension hooks for the top lid closure and compression straps at the request of several climbers we know. The rationale was that the main point buckles wouldn't be vulnerable to cracking, like the nylon or acetal type, if stepped on with rock underfoot when the pack was on the ground.

Wilderness Utility Urban Lay Flat

The W.U.U.L.F. Pack 24L gets its name from it’s unique feature of a center front 2-way zipper. This style zipper opening allows a secondary B.E. access/entry point into the main compartment with the top lid closed, and when the top lid is opened and laid flat on any suitable surface, can be fully zipped opened to allow access to nearly 90% of the main compartment.

Characterized by classic looks and possesses numerous modern considerations inside and out.


Characterized by classic looks and possesses numerous modern considerations inside and out.

Product Specs

Product Specs



  • Invista Cordura 500D
  • 140D Nylon Ripstop
  • Closed Cell EVA Foam
  • Nylon Mesh
  • Nylon Webbing
  • Custom Dyed Nylon Hardware
  • Alloy Tension Hooks
  • T6061 Rod
  • Velcro®
  • Shock Cord
  • HDPE
  • 3mm Cord & Saddle Zipper Pulls

Nominal Volume

Nominal Volume:

  • 24L / 1540 cubic inches
  • Extends to 28L+ / 1700 cubic inches +

Approximate Dimensions

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Length: 7"
  • Width: 10"
  • Height: 22"

Pack Features

Pack Features:

  • Single Point Top Loader w/Floating Top Lid
  • Extendable Top Lid with 2 Zippered Pockets, Key Clip and Loop Panel
  • Quick Cinch 140D Nylon Ripstop Top Skirt
  • B.E. Entry with 2-Way Zipper for 90% Lay Flat Access and 2ndary Access to Main Compartment
  • Laser Cut and Laminated 500D Cordura Suspension with Ventilated EVA Foam and Mesh Facing
  • Shoulder Strap Load Lifters
  • Removable Padded and MOLLE Compatible Array Waist/Utility Belt
  • Waist Belt Stabilizer Straps with Easy Detach Alloy Tension Hooks
  • Ventilated EVA Foam Back with Mesh Facing
  • Adjustable Sternum Strap
  • Signature, Extra-Durable, Double Gusseted 500D Water Bottle Pockets with Replaceable Shock Cord
  • Dual Daisy Chains
  • Easy Detach Compression Straps with Alloy Tension Hooks and Self-Policing Webbing
  • Adjustable Dual Velcro® Ice Axe-Trekking Pole-Tool Loops
  • Dual Anchor Tool Loops
  • Dual Interior Tool Pockets
  • Stretch Mesh Water Bladder Pocket
  • Hydration Port
  • Removable Padded, Soft-Lined Tablet/Laptop Sleeve
  • Signature Flame Orange 140D Nylon Ripstop Lining
  • Four Carry Low Profile Handles
  • HDPE Frame Sheet with T6061 Rod Frame Stay
  • Nominal 24L Size Extends to 28L+
  • PDW PRO-Line

Approx. Weight

Approx. Weight:

  • 50.4oz / 1.43kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
1 month ownership

Great quality bag so far, with great features that most bags do not have. My only complain is the inner lining isn't as durable but I assume the intent was for breathability and lightweight, which the bag is very much so. Considering the high quality buckles and well designed straps.

Has all the adjustability one can wish for.

Ryan Robinson

WUULF Pack 24L - Universal Field Gray

Michael Jeng
Good all around, Almost perfect

I've been having a hard time finding the right pack - I tried several from Mystery Ranch, Osprey, Eberlestock, etc. I decided on the WUULF because it uses materials that you could only normally find on a military pack without looking too much like one. Overall it's an excellent pack with a well thought-out design. However, there are a few oversights imo and features that I really wish were here. This pack checks a lot of boxes for me but at the same time, it leaves a little to be desired. "Almost Perfect"

The good:
- Well made with good materials and not too heavy by itself.
- Grab handles all around
- Floating Lid
- Removeable waistbelt (I wish more packs had this)
- Doesn't overuse molle webbing or look overly tactical (This is subjective)
- Has a really nice color. It's somewhere between a dark grey and ranger green to my eyes. Would be cool to see a 2-tone version.
- Choice of 2 frame sheets and a removeable laptop sleeve.
- Very affordable at it's sub-$200 price point.

Things to improve:
- The use of G-hooks for the side compression straps was probably not the best choice; they tend to pop out pretty easily if the pack isn't fully loaded. I'm going to try and replace these with standard 3/4 buckles or Fidlocks.
- Overuse of Hi-Vis Orange Liner. I don't think the top cinch area needed to be bright orange. When the pack isn't full, the lid tends to sag and the orange gets exposed way too easily. I find myself constantly trying to hide the orange and it just keeps popping out. I think they could keep the orange liner on the interior of the bag, but make everything else black or the same color as the exterior.
- Straps are a bit too wide. When worn, the outer edges of the strap tend to flare out and float above your shoulders. I feel like they could have fixed this easily by sewing in the shoulder straps to the back at an angle so that it conforms better to your natural shoulder shape. Most people aren't gonna have perfectly flat square shoulders.
- I really wish this pack had an adjustable harness/yoke similar to how Mystery Ranch does it. Like I was saying before with the shoulder straps, I just feel like they don't fit very well and I would like to be able to adjust the height.
- Pack shape. I wish that the bottom of the pack was slightly wider so that it would stand upright on its own when put on the ground. Maybe just make the pack taper down slightly (Larger at the bottom, narrower at the top)
- Push the Lid adjustment point down about an inch or two. I would like to be able to pull the lid backwards slightly more so that it sits better when the pack isn't full. (and that would help hide the bright orange)
- Not a negative, but I'm hoping to see a ~32L version of this pack someday with an adjustable frame and all of the design changes listed above. (Or maybe a 2.0 version of this pack). As it is, it's a decent size but I sometimes find it to be just a tad too small depending on use. I understand that this pack is somewhat able to be overloaded due to the top cinch/bag design but again, I'm not trying to have all that orange showing.

Thank you for the thoughtful and detailed review Michael! Noted on some of the suggestions, although it would increase the cost to the end consumer. Also pls note that the way the shoulder straps are engineered are that when they are on the shoulders they naturally fall at an angle and conforms to a human body. We will definately take your feedback into consideration!

Ryan Nolan
I think I'm going to love this pack

Haven't used this pack yet as my Zion trip isn't due for another 2 weeks. Heading to REI today for a 3L or so water bladder.
Got this pack a few days ago and I'm immediately impressed, obviously can't do a reliability review till the trip is done and a few hikes are under its belt.
I like the size, striking a balance between size, weight and durability is paramount in the pack world for the intended scenario.
I'll write another review in the future after I have some use out of it.

Zachariah Ledesma

My first pack and just like everything else from PWD it’s rock solid. I don’t think there’s better out but as I said my first pack but I can tell it’ll stand the tests of time.

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