PDW Vegvisir Lapel Pin


A Viking symbol or stave to help you find your way during stormy and rough weather on a Lapel Pin in a blue colorway.

The Vegvísir, is a magical symbol of navigation and may also be connected with actual compasses. The Vegvísir literally means in Icelandic ‘Guidepost’ and is sometimes colloquially called today a Runic or Viking Compass.

Lapel pins were originally created to wear on the lapels on suit jackets and have found their way to be pinned and mounted into any fabric or leather. Lapel pins subtly displays their wearers' club colors and affiliations. From Rockers' leather jackets to the business suits of the US Secret Service, lapel pins are found and used in all corners of our society. Our lapel pins have great detail, vibrant colors in a compact scale and secure pin backing that goes in many places a morale patch can not. Our lapel pins also include a jeweler's spring loaded, locking clasp.


  • Height: 1"
  • Enamel filled, die struck brass with silver plating
  • Locking jeweler’s spring loaded clasp