SPD X Laulima Todai Gathering Edition

The SPD Gathering Edition of the Laulima Todai flashlight. A custom grade, individually hand built, high performance flashlight. Featuring a CWF Dragon Driver, exclusive SPD markings, and a maximum 1300 lumen output via Nichia 219C 4000K for great and balanced color reproduction. Additionally, this special Gathering Edition light includes a green anodized titanium clip with our laser engraved Kraken Trident logo, green anodized titanium clip screws, and a GID Laulima switch boot installed.
  • Todai is Japanese for "lighthouse". This handmade light is for serious enthusiasts and is a premium build with a programmable, best in class engine. The SPD Gathering Edition also features a green secondary emitter to save your night vision, milled fluting, and our Kraken Trident logo mark custom laser engraved on the anodized pocket clip. The Todai runs on a single, rechargeable 18350 (*battery not included). This is an excellently executed passion project created by serious lightheads for serious lightheads.

  • Specifications:

    • 6-2-4-2 Titanium with Tumbled Base Finish
    Approx. Dimensions:
    • Overall Length: 3.4" (8.636cm)
    • Diameter: 0.9" (2.286cm)
    Approx. Weight:
    • 5.71 oz / 162 grams
    • Exclusive Laser Engraved SPD Wave Graphics
    • Custom Fluting on Head
    • Engine: Dragon Driver
      • W/ Triple Nichia 219C 4000K Primary Emitters
      • Green Secondary Emitters Built on a Copper Core
    • Pocket Clip: Green Anodized Titanium w/ SPD Kraken trident Logo
    • Green Anodized Titanium Clip Screws
    • Switch: McClicky from McGizmo
    • GID Laulima Switch Boot Installed
    • Spare Black Laulima Switch Boot
    • Window: Sapphire
    • Optic: Carclo Narrow Spot
    • Glow Gasket: JC Customs
      • SPD Kraken Trident Logo
      • Wave Graphics