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Danger Ranger Bear is our resident, virtual campsite host, camp counsellor, and wilderness guide. He is here to share the how to’s, what’s, why’s, do’s, and don’ts for your next outdoor adventure. Danger Ranger Bear encourages you to be a friend to the wilderness when you get the call, and to the woodland creatures big or small. He wants you to be prepared, be ready, face the challenges, plan for risks, thrill in the journey, and to not die dumb. No adventure big or small was ever great, without a bit of danger.

Follow Danger Ranger Bear on his website, and read new content on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. He is here to help you get away from the mundane M-F daily grind, find your way to the outdoor life, and enjoy it to the fullest. Following DRB may teach you anything from how to avoid gettin’ bit by a rattle snake, creating a sumptuous trailside meal, how to read a topo map, properly tying up a bear bag so his pals won’t gaffle your food during the night as your snore away in your human burrito bag, to campfire tales of epic mountain lore.

Look for the DRB logo on exclusive products in the Prometheus Design Werx website to purchase, use or wear and show off that you’re no longer an ignorant, doughy tenderfoot. Take the moose by the horns (actually a really terrible idea, DRB does not suggest that you do this but it was a play on another ol’ idiom), turn that hipster beard into mountainman scruff, lace up those hiking boots, hit the trail, walk as tall as Paul Bunyan, tune in with nature like John Muir, and be rough and ready as Jeremiah Johnson.

Danger Ranger Bear

“Venture forth into the wild, do it wisely, do it wildly”
- Danger Ranger Bear

“Never was anything great achieved without danger”

- Niccolo Machiavelli

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