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Inside The Griffin

Overview of the knife

The Griffin was designed and developed to be a superlative general use outdoor utility knife. This is a fixed blade knife distilled down to its purest form, while hitting the highest levels of detailed processes in its crafting, versatility, function, and usability. The Griffin is a fixed blade knife often referred to as a “Skeleton Knife” or “Pack Knife.” The absence of any scales or handle material means that there is just one part. It is the slimmest cross section it can be, reducing weight and bulk. All superfluous fluff and affectations have been eliminated; the skeleton knife is spartan by nature, it is the “bare bones.” Make no mistake, this streamlined and lean edged tool is highly capable in this form.

Specifications & knife details

As a skeleton knife, the Griffin is ideal for backpacking and general wilderness use where users do not wish to carry a lot of bulk or weight, while not compromising performance or functionality in their carefully selected field equipment. With proper care of the blade alloy, it is well suited for use while immersed in water as there are no handle materials to swell, shrink, crack, or chip. The Griffin can be easily lashed onto a wooden shaft to make a spear for hunting or defense in a survival situation. The 4” blade and 9.25” OAL makes this knife an optimized size for virtually any conceivable wilderness cutting chores put before it, secondary roles as a “Back Up,” and is very “Packable.” It can be configured on a backpack strap or H-harness, pack belt, web gear, plate carriers, PFDs, BCDs, 1st lines belts, and more.

Material prototyping
Developing for strength & toughness

The seasoned knife user will identify and recognize the feature rich design, and attention to manufacturing detail of the Griffin immediately. To the tenderfoot, it may take a bit longer to realize, but everyone will come to the same conclusions and appreciate what the Griffin has to offer its handler. This first edition features the premier Austrian blade alloy of Bohler M390 in a corrosion-stain resistant, heavy stonewash finish. The modified spear point blade shape has been a profile used for centuries because it is a proven all around performer. No other skeleton knife on the market, even in recent history features a fully chamfered profile with full length handle jimping.

The high degree of jimping found on the Griffin is a time consuming and costly process, but the benefits for a knife of this size in grip retention on land or under water, compelled us to apply this uncompromising detail. At the end of the handle is a combination cat’s paw nail puller-pry tip; from repurposing nails to build emergency shelters, prying open a paint can, or shucking an oyster. These additional functions add to the utter versatility of the Griffin. The last design feature to be called out is the unique proprietary Strikeback™ detail found on the spine of the blade. Reserve the primary cutting edge of the blade for exactly that, cutting. The Strikeback™ is a feature dedicated to one critical bushcraft task, striking a ferrocerium rod to create sparks in starting a fire.

Suitable for all environments

The Griffin was designed and field tested by one of the Founders of Prometheus Design Werx who has had over 36 years of field and wilderness experience on land and under water across the globe. This lean yet durable knife is precision crafted in the USA and is a high standard in a pure, purpose driven edged tool for the wilderness; or any other context the handler chooses to use it in. The Griffin embodies the Prometheus Design Werx ethos of precision and strength. You provide the courage to conquer each challenge and adventure that comes your way.

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