Prometheus Design Werx

Made in California

Prometheus Design Werx is based in the Bayview-Hunter’s Point neighborhood of San Francisco, CA. This area was once the home of the Ohlone people, Spanish Missionaries, and then pasture land for cattle. During the last half of the 19th century, shipbuilding became the dominant activity in this part of the city with the first permanent dry dock on the Pacific Coast. It remained active as a shipbuilding center for the US Navy through WWI and peaking during WWII. The Navy base and shipyard were closed in 1994.

Although considered by the tame and unadventurous to be a “rough part of town,” the Bayview-Hunter’s Point neighborhood is home to many working class families along with industrial commercial spaces occupied by small businesses plying their trades and crafts. The neighborhood has also long been host to San Francisco's subculture fringe. The late 1980s saw the beginnings of an industrial artistic migration to the area. Members of the Survival Research Labs called this area home, as well as events like the Motorcycle Rodeo which involved guys in protective leathers being dragged on steel plates behind motorcycles up and down the street, and illegal fireworks factories that would blow up from time to time. Between then and now we’ve seen participants of the Robot Wars, all manner of musicians, and the Dirtbag Challenge; where if you could build a motorcycle from the ground up for $1000, that would withstand a 100 mile journey, you could play.  

The roguish spirit of the Barbary Coast is alive and well in the Bayview and it’s partly fueled by Trouble Coffee, the neighborhood's latest addition, which features locally roasted coffee, artisan toast, and coconuts.

The no-nonsense corrugated metal exterior industrial building that is home to the studio and workshop for Prometheus Design Werx has been in this current location for 19 years. Within steps from the doors of our commercial work space, we have a rich network of independent partners that we may engage in to support the development of our designs and products whenever needed. The "Can Do" and cooperative spirit of this highly motivated and creative business community, provides a uniquely fertile environment for innovation, exchange of new ideas, thinking outside the box, and a center for some of the most interesting independent American enterprises in the Bay Area.

Every great state in the Union has its highlights. In our state of California, we have the majesty of Yosemite Valley, Joshua Tree, Mavericks, ancient groves of redwoods, home of the Naval Special Warfare Command, Camp Pendelton, NASA Ames Research Center, Apple, Pixar, Lucasfilm, and some of the most diverse and best eating in all of the 50. From the rugged and varied beauty of "proving grounds" to test and use our products, access to and inspiration from new ideas and technologies, to enjoying great local brews after a work or trail day. California has a lot to offer.

Prometheus Design Werx recognizes the reality of the global economy and the many fine manufacturing centers all over the world. We are thankful for our brand's international following, and that the concept of high production quality and pride in craftsmanship can be a global concept. To that end we seek the best manufacturing partners worldwide to create and deliver the best in class products to our customers.   

Before creating Prometheus Design Werx, our company's Founders under their previous brands, had already made the bulk of their products in California for over 17 years.

Prometheus Design Werx considers the Bayview-Hunter's Point neighborhood to be our home, base of operations, our community, and is committed to continue manufacturing a core selection of our goods locally, in California, and the United States of America.

Made in the USA Made in California
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