Prometheus Design Werx

Our Manufacturing

Prometheus Design Werx operates out of workshop with a variety of classic “analog” tools such as a Bridgeport “knee mill,” power hammer, to modern CAD, and WACOM interactive pen displays. All of which allows us to conceptualize, experiment, prototype, test, and evaluate a wide variety of pre-production objects during R&D. After each step of our product design and development process is signed off on and approved, we carefully select one of our certified manufacturing partners to produce our products for the marketplace. Our manufacturing partners must meet our rigorous and demanding requirements such as ISO 9001 for quality and consistency.

Prometheus Design Werx always first begins with our local business community to select a manufacturing partner. There is a rich history and current availability of a wide variety of production, fabrication, and innovation centered in the Bay Area. From the former US Navy shipyards in our neighborhood, which saw their heyday during WWII, to the old school, modern machine, and fabrication shops that all sprung up in the area since the 1940s. There is also a new generation of growth in anything tech related, as we find ourselves in great company of the highest order.

We strive to create the finest quality products possible and require demanding, best quality standards, and processes. In the instances where we are unable to find an ideal match locally, we then circle outwards to other parts of our state, the West Coast, eastwards, and then globally. We keep our manufacturing within the USA whenever possible, and many of our core products are made here in our home state of California.

Our primary top tier objectives are to design and produce the finest outdoor and adventure goods we can. We have manufacturing partners throughout the United States, and the world to bring the best goods possible to our customers. We are obliged to meet the high quality and functional standards expected of our products and work with the best manufacturing centers to deliver on that promise.

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