Prometheus Design Werx


Prometheus Design Werx and Cultos are proud to announce a new partnership to give fans of the brand a chance to own their very own exclusive digital illustration and morale patch minted as NFTs.


Starting in Q4 2021, Cultos will be launching exclusive Prometheus Design Werx NFTs on the Cultos marketplace. NFTs will include ultra-rare patches and other unreleased collectibles in limited quantities.


“We’re excited to partner with Cultos to test out this NFT program and give our customers something truly special by turning limited edition patches and other works into NFTs” - Patrick Ma CEO of Prometheus Design Werx


Cultos is a marketplace for brands with a ‘cult following’ to engage their fanbases directly with NFTs and reward supportive fan behavior with loyalty tokens. Fans can purchase NFTs traditionally or using loyalty tokens accumulated through promoting the brand online.


“We’re delighted that Prometheus chose Cultos as their platform to launch their NFT strategy and give their customers something intangible they can own as a reward for their support of the brand. – Andrew Yang CEO of Cultos


About Prometheus Design Werx

Prometheus Design Werx designs and crafts exceptional multi-purpose performance apparel, equipment, EDC tools, and accessories to outfit the self-reliant individual for uncommon adventures and challenges off and on the grid. We learn from the past, look to the future, and build for today.


About Cultos


Cultos is a metaverse that brings fan communities together with their favorite brands, artists and icons. Fans can purchase and own a piece of their favorite brands in the form of digital collectibles or exclusive experiences and receive compensation for being engaged as well as engaging others on the brands behalf.

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