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S.I. Dog Tag Tool

The Standard Issue Dog Tag Tool is the first OPT (One Piece Tool) design offered by PDW. It has the highest versatility for its size and is precisely crafted in California with a signature, durable 3-stage industrial finish. The profile of our S.I. Dog Tag Tool is universally recognized for its familiar feel and comfort in the hand. Whether worn around the neck on the MILSPEC ball chain or on your key ring, it is ready to perform a wide array of tasks when you need it.

Versatile Features

We didn’t have much room to work with given the small footprint of the standard-issue American military dog tag, but we love a design challenge. With careful and precise measurements, placement and nesting, and the creation of our own intervals, PDW was able to fit an unusually large amount of tool functions into the tight space.

Our S.I. Dog Tag Tool features a “Universal” closed-end wrench that fits both standard and metric hardware. The S.I Dog Tag Tool has one of the lowest profile bottle opener designs on the market, a ¼-inch bit driver, and a battery bay driver/pry combo. Whether you want to pop open a bottle of beer, access the battery bay of a weapon’s optic or adjust the center bolt of your bicycle’s brakes, our Standard Issue Dog Tag Tool has got you covered. It is one of the most functional and versatile OPTs of its size on the market. We made sure to take full advantage of all of the space that a S.I. dog tag has to offer, designing and building the most compact, useful, and easy-to-carry dog tag tool possible.


Quality Matters

In addition to the features and functions that PDW successfully conceives, our thorough and precise execution in the production of the object ultimately leads to uncompromising high quality in the finished tool. We do not mass-produce our Dog Tag Tools. Instead, we maintain tight control over quality and consistency. Our operation is homegrown, with titanium sourced in the US and tools crafted in the San Francisco Bay Area. Like everything we design and make, we use these products ourselves and ensure that they are of the highest caliber.

Our Standard Issue Dog Tag Tool is made with Titanium 6AL-4V, also known as Grade 5 Titanium, the most sought after grade. It is used in the aerospace industry due to its excellent material properties. These metals are lightweight, extremely resistant to corrosion, and can survive in the most extreme temperatures. We use a three-stage finishing process to improve finish, durability, and resistance from scratches. We take the time to complete an extra step in the CNC process, adding subtle chamfering around the tool’s circumference, and interior jimping for additional detail. This OPT also includes a stainless steel MILSPEC ball chain and a laser-engraved PDW logo.

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s declaration “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” We challenge ourselves to design and create simple yet superlatively versatile products. We believe our Standard Issue Dog Tag Tool lives up to da Vinci’s statement with its simplistic feature-rich design and high-quality detailed execution. Our California-made tool is more than capable to take on just about any suitable task it is met with. The PDW S.I. Dog Tag Tool is the perfect out-of-sight OPT companion. It will always be at the ready when you need it as you blaze your own trail in this world.

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