Prometheus Design Werx

Size Chart and Fit Notes

Fit Notes:

All of PDW's apparel styles are designed for today's active and versatile user in mind. Our apparel is intended to move with the wearer, be comfortable, function, look and feel as awesome as you are and never constrict or bind at the expense of affected or superfluous styling. There are literally billions of body types on this planet and while not everyone will be able to fit onto our apparel styles, chances are very high that our designs will fit, and perform for many of you.


Athletic - A more streamlined silhouette for athletic builds and those who prefer a tailored appearance.

Regular - A general silhouette with more room than our Athletic Fit, fits a wide variety of body types while maintaining a neat and orderly appearance.

Relaxed - A looser, unrestricting silhouette with room to layer with a wide variety of options and those who prefer casual, roomy fit, and/or appearance, and for those require a less structured fit.



Tee-Shirt Size Charts: 

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