PDW 550 Paracord


Infinitely versatile 550 paracord with 1001 uses. As used in parachute lines during WWII.

Paracord is one our favorite accessories for a multitude of uses. From tent guy lines, tying up bear bags, field expedient boot laces, to lashing up the makeshift log raft to float down that river that you day dreamed about when you were 10, and many more uses, paracord is your friend. Paracord is also a perfect companion to many an edged tool, often in the form of a lanyard. Like milk is to cookies, paracord is to knives. Available in the many colors shown.


  • Nylon, 32 braid kermantle construction
  • 7 strand core
  • 550 lb tensile strength
  • Available in 100' hanks
  • Made in USA

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