A.G. Cashmere Shemagh - Geocam Woodland

The A.G. Cashmere Shemagh is the superior take on a field classic. PDW took the everyday cotton shemagh to the next level by creating a version with the world's finest natural performance fiber, cashmere. Cashmere is finer, lighter, stronger, is at least 3X warmer than wool and is unsurpassed for comfort in the field. Versatile and exceptional. Available in our Woodland GeoCam, which is based on the unique geometric Swedish M90 camo pattern and the color palette from the classic US "M81". #agcashmereshemagh

  • PDW developed this unique premier grade shemagh for 2+ season use with an emphasis for fall and winter conditions.  Unlike cotton, which is useless when wet in cold conditions, cashmere yarns continue to insulate. Expertly woven in a familiar weight to the classic cotton shemagh, our cashmere version is 3X warmer than any wool neckwear in the same weight class. When sourcing the cashmere yarns used, PDW went to the finest mills at the source in Mongolia, a core region where cashmere has been processed for thousands of years. Our select cashmere yarns are some of the world's finest. 

    As worn and used by the mounted warriors of Genghis Khan centuries ago, you can take full advantage of this superior natural fiber to use in the wilderness and modern world of today. The PDW A.G. Shemagh is uncompromising modern performance using the king of natural fibers. Configurable in a multitude of ways, you can use it as a scarf, oversized neckerchief, and tie it in any way a traditional shemagh can.

  • Specifications:

    • 100% Premium A Grade, 60Nm/2 Cashmere
    • 47" x 47"
    • 2+ Season Weight
    • Woven 2ply Twill
    • Classic Short Fringe Edge
    • *Easy Remove PDW Fine Woven Label
  • "Love that Shemagh. Taking it to Morocco, Spain, and Australia...."

    - Scott B. Global Overland
    "Most functional shemagh ever. Amazing for chilly days and hikes!"
    - Goose, PNW