A.G. Watch Cap DRB Team Z Edition


The A.G. Watch Cap DRB Team Z Edition is a very special issue in homage to the late, great French Ocean Explorer who captivated the world for decades with his ground breaking work. This Special Edition is also inspired by another fictional character whose movie exploits has provided us with high entetainment value throughout the years. This is "The Red Beanie of Adventure".

Our watch caps are a direct descedent from this style of cold weather headwear issued to USN Sailors, Seabees, Merchant Marines and other service members during WWII, and in the decades to follow. The A.G. Watch Cap DRB Team Z Edition is made in a premium grade, soft, machine wash & dry, 100% merino sourced from an American supplier. Unlike other knit beanies being made in the USA today, which are simply tubes sewn closed at one end. Ours are a true fully shaped and knitted process produced on state of the art, computer controlled knitting machines based in California. 

While the original USN issue stands on its own we created our updated and upgraded interpretation, that is a highly versatile 2+ season weight, superior comfort, easy care, and possess that timeless, and classic appearance. The A.G. Watch Cap DRB Team Z is the high standard in American made beanies and will be a goto staple in anyone's wardrobe during cooler to cold months. Available in a colorful red marl.


  • Premium grade, machine wash & dry, 100% American merino wool
  • AOS
  • Classic medium rib knit
  • Fully shaped knit process
  • 3" fold up cuff
  • 2+ season weight
  • DRB fine woven label
Knit In:
  • California