OR66 Jacket - Horsehide Black

The PDW O.R.66 Jacket in premium, front quarter panel horsehide. Handmade in San Francisco, California USA. This is our take on the "Half Belt" style leather jacket, an American style icon since the 1930s and worn worldwide. Before soft-shells, 3L waterproof-breathables, or polyester fleece, leather and horsehide in particular, was the material of choice for rugged outerwear. As worn by adventurers, pilots, motorcyclists, rogues, scholars, rebels, cops & robbers alike. Jackets like these are a life-time acquisition and passed down to your children. The O.R.66 is one of our made in USA CORE-Line products, and of heirloom quality.
  • The 1930s was the "Golden Age of Aviation", the end of Prohibition, the era of Streamline Moderne design, the Great Depression, Big Band and Jazz, the Yankees ruled baseball, and the beginning of WWII. It was a time when things were made and built to last. There was value and common sense in well made, durable consumer products and goods. It was during this decade the "Half Belt" style leather jacket was born. A design that is sleek, minimalist and stripped of any superfluous ornament. To create the O.R.66 Jacket, we started with three authentic period examples of this style jacket from the 1930s, 40s and 50s. From these vintage examples our master pattern and final jacket was created.

    We used the finest, select, front quarter panel horsehides to create this jacket. A very special weight and tanning method were chosen to produce a jacket equally at home around town, on a motorcycle, or in a cockpit. Unlike the very stiff and unforgiving 3.5-3.75 oz hides, we chose a 2.75 oz which is more supple and comfortable for a 3+ season range, and won't be weigh you down for every day wear. Our select horsehides are superior in tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and durability to any cow and steer hides in heavier weight classes. The O.R.66 will break in with use and display its characteristics as unique as the individual who wears it.

    Without changing the defining design characteristics and silhouette, we updated this timeless style with a few subtle functional updates. Period USN G1 style wind flap and gusseted bi-swing back were added for those of us who ride, there are 2 leather lined interior Napoleon pockets taken from custom leather jackets made for Federal Agents that can withstand holding backup pieces, and a zippered "hide-away" pocket in the back of the collar for a spare cuff key to bug out cash. Unique to this year's edition we are featuring a reproduction M1942 USMC Frogskin camo liner made just like the original in 100% cotton herringbone twill. The O.R.66 Jacket is available in one color, black.

    Buy once, cry once, smile for a lifetime. The O.R.66 is warrantied against manufacturer's defect for the life of the original owner.
  • Specifications:

    • 2.75oz Premium, Front Quarter Panel Horsehide
    • Reproduction M1942 USMC Frogskin Camo Cotton Herringbone Twill
    • Sateen
    • Heavy Gauge Brass YKK 2 Way Front Zipper
    • Brass YKK Sleeve and Pocket Zippers
    • Heavy Duty Nylon Thread
    • Regular Fit, Suitable to Wear Over a Light Mid-Layer
    • 23" Center Front Length for Size 40
    • 38, 40, 42, 44, 46
    • 64oz for Size 40
    • Authentic period patterning and design.
    • Special tanning and hide weight for faster break-in and 3+ season wear.
    • Best in class wear and durability horsehide.
    • M1942 USMC Frogskin camo herringbone twill liner.
    • Zipper cuffs.
    • Buckle cinch waist tabs.
    • USN G1 style bi-swing gusseted back for arm mobility.
    • USN G1 style wind flap.
    • 2-way main zipper for IWB access and adjustability for riding position.
    • 1 zippered angled chest pocket.
    • 2 zippered hand-warmer pockets.
    • 2 snap closure leather lined interior Napoleon pockets.
    • 1 zippered collar hide-away pocket.
    • Brass eyelet pit vents.
    • Sateen lined sleeves.
    • Leather zipper pull tabs.
    Hand Made in:
    • San Francisco, California, USA
  • "The OR66 pays homage to vintage biker jackets with a level of craftsmanship that’s exquisite. The horsehide exterior is soft to the touch, as is the nylon sateen-lined, cotton twill interior. The hidden zipper pocket in the back of the collar and snap-button interior pockets make for a stylish way of concealing your goods. If you’re looking for a CCW jacket that’s warm enough to withstand a tough winter, but light enough that you won’t feel like you’re hauling a 5-year-old on your back, you may want to take a look at this gem. Or if you just want a cool motorcycle jacket that’ll make you feel like James Dean, look no further."
    - recoilweb.com

Customer Reviews

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Jason Green
Finally got my grail jacket

I’ve been waiting to get my hands on a black OR66 jacket for going on 4-5 years. Every time there was a batch released…I was either at work…or there weren’t any size 48s. Flash forward to 2 weeks ago…boom it’s 3 PM on the east coast & there’s a size 48. I order it immediately & patiently await arrival. The jacket shows up…& it’s way cooler than it looks on the website, it’s hand-down the most ruggedly-constructed leather jacket I’ve seen…while still maintaining functionality & style. Now I need one in brown.

Thank you for the review Jason. Enjoy this very cool jacket!