PB&J Tool

Our PB&J Tool made it to the "Top 5" for Best EDC (2020) VIII by Carryology. We would love it if you gave it a vote by linking here. Thank you for the support!

A uniquely designed, multi-function, pocket sized pry bar tool. Versatile, lighter carry weight, precision milled, 6AL-4V titanium. Built in wire spring gate makes this pry bar tool easy to clip onto key rings, pack webbing, belt loops, D-rings and more. 9 total defined functions and featuring our signature universal wrench with fits metric and SAE hardware.
  • A reliable, capable and versatile pocket pry bar tool often can tackle the many everyday chores that your primary carry knife can't. From opening up stubborn paint cans, pulling small nails to carton staples, popping a bottle cap, tightening up a loose bicycle brake nut, and more, the PDW PB&J Tool will be a handy companion. Our wire spring gate design makes it easy to clip to your key ring, belt loop, pack webbing, etc. Made from a solid bar of titanium billet, the main body is rustproof and also well suited for use around water, scuba, and boating. The purpose driven design is no-nonsense, efficient, uncluttered and as with all PDW designs the form follows function with refined attentive details.
  • Specifications:

    • Titanium 6AL-V4 Grade 5
    • Stainless Steel Wire Spring Gate
    • Fine Ceramic Bead Peened Industrial Finish
    Approx. Dimensions:
    • Length: 4.50"
    • Width: 1.00"
    • Thickness: 0.25"
    Approx. Weight:
    • 1.37 oz
    • Universal Closed End Wrench for Metric and SAE Hardware
    • Pry Bar
    • Small Nail and Carton Staple Puller
    • ¼”/6mm Bit Driver
    • Battery Bay Driver
    • Oxygen Tank Wrench
    • Bottle Cap Lifter 
    • Split Ring/Lanyard Hole
    • Wire Spring Gate
    • Laser Engraved Prometheus Design Werx logo
    • “The Prometheus Design Werx PB&J Tool sits in a unique position compared to all the other items in your pocket because everything it can do can also be done on a majority of other multi-tools too. But the PB&J Tool carves out its own category as the best pry tool because although other gear can do it, this is a dedicated pry bar first and all the complementary tools are just an added bonus...Where this pry bar takes it to the next level is in the additional features that don’t sacrifice the PB&J’s ability to be an excellent pry bar. The most notable being the universal closed end wrench that works with metric and SAE hardware, eliminating the need to carry an additional set of tools for one or the other size. There’s also a nail and staple puller cutout on the pry itself, a bit driver holder, and even an oxygen tank wrench slot too.”
      - Carryology