PDW 3mm accessory cord

3mm accessory cord with 1001 uses. As used in military pilot's flight and survival vests.


Custom made for PDW by the same defense contractor for the US Military, our 3mm accessory cord is versatile and useful. Think of it as 550 cord's little brother. This is a type of cord also referred to as ALSE Survival Vest Cord Type 1. This flat braid accessory cord is a smaller diameter than 550 cord, without inner strands, and ideally suited for "Dummy" cording equipment and gear from accidental loss, to tarp lines and tie downs, lanyards, knife handle wraps, bush craft, and much more. Available in the colors shown.


  • Nylon, flat braid construction
  • 3mm width
  • 100 lb tensile strength
  • Available in 100' hanks
  • Made in USA