PDW All Terrain ALLEMANSRÄTTEN Morale Patch


In Swedish, "Allemansrätten" means "Free to Roam".

“The mountains, the forest, and the sea, render men savage; they develop the fierce, but yet do not destroy the human.”
-Victor Hugo

In Scandinavian countries its citizens enjoy the right of being "Free to Roam". They are entitled to roam, hike, and camp on any of their country's public or private lands. Following some basic courtesy and etiquette, this "Free to Roam" policy allows the people of these countries open access to the outdoors. Our distinctive All Terrain design represents the wilderness environments that are your playground and 2nd home. Fully embroidered, full color morale patch with hook backing.

From summit to sea, and any wilderness in between, the graphic on this morale patch design shows that you are someone who is proficient in the skills to operate in “All Terrains.” You are comfortable and confident in any outdoor environment. Field skills are second nature, you are at home in the outdoors, and you not only know how to just survive, but thrive in the wilderness.


  • Height: 3.8" 
  • Fully embroidered rayon thread on canvas backing
  • Hook backing with cover