PDW Honey Bee Formation Lapel Pin


Honey bees create honey and beeswax, two naturally sourced substances that have helped humankind for thousands of years. Honey is a natural salve in cuts and abrasions, a healthy sweetener, and strengthens resistance to local pollen allergies. Beeswax also has a multitude of uses from lip balm, to candles, in wood & metal working, sealant, food prep, just to mention some. In today's context, honey bees pollinate about 1/3rd of what we eat, and an estimated 80% of the world's crops depend on the honey bee to survive. Without the honey bee, our way of life on a global scale, would be fundamentally altered in ways we cannot yet fully fathom. 

Honey and beeswax are two gifts from our natural world that are highly prized in our modern daily lives, but also in bush craft, survival-prep, and off the grid living. PDW wanted to help this little animal out and raise funds with this very limited edition morale patch, and donate proceeds to The HoneyBee Conservancy. We support their ongoing efforts in finding a solution to Colony Collapse Disorder, educating the general public about the benefits and importance of the honey bees, and general honey bee well being. 


  • Height: 1.25"
  • Enamel filled, die struck brass with silver plating
  • Locking jeweler’s spring loaded clasp