SPD Benchtop Work Mat Toxic Edition

This Limited Edition SPD Benchtop Work Mat is a uniquely designed, dedicated work surface for working on popular EDC items and tools like flashlights, pocket knives, watches and more. 10 individual compartments keep your small parts secure and organized while working on your project. Available here in a special Toxic Green and Black color combo. Another original PDW design for today's EDC Community. #benchtopworkmat
  • Perfectly suited from the workshop to kitchen table, the Benchtop Work Mat addresses a long overlooked need for Makers, DIYers, Craftsmen, Tinkerers and EDCers who routinely assemble, disassemble, maintain, or service tools, and other objects. While initially intended as a dedicated workmat for working on folding knives, the crossover applications to other objects became immediately obvious. The smallest negative relief individual organizer pockets molded into the SPD Benchtop Work Mat keeps anything from small machine screws, washers, spring bars, to selector detents and springs from rolling off your tabletop and into the dreaded abyss of the workshop or kitchen floor. The mid-size comparts are to stage folder handles, slides, watch straps, pocket clips, to recoil springs and barrels. The single large compartment is your main work and assembly-disassembly area.

    The black color resists oil and grease stains while working on your project. Even the glow-in-dark SPD DIY Kraken 3D logo was designed to hold and stage tiny bits like diamond points from a flexible rotary shaft grinder to micro driver tips. The 11" x 17" footprint will tackle most of your small to mid-sized benchtop projects. These Benchtop Work Mats will help reduce clutter, keep your project contained and organized. You're going to want at least 2, one for the workshop and one for the house.
  • Specifications:

    • BPA-Free, Non-Toxic, PVC.
    • Hand Wash Hot-Warm Water with Dish Soap, Dry Flat on Rack or Towel.
    Approx. Dimensions:
    • Length: 11"
    • Width: 17"
    • Thickness: 0.375"
    • Flexible, Injection Molded Inert BPA-Free PVC
    • Anti-bounce Durometer
    • 6 Small Compartments
    • 3 Mid-sized Compartments
    • 1 Large Compartment
    • GID SPD DIY Kraken 3D Logo Bit Holder
    • Anti-slip Bottom
    • SPD DIY Kraken 3D logo