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Small but

Ths SPD X-11 is a very compact, yet highly capable cutting tool. Barely over 8 grams in weight, smaller in diameter than a AAA battery and about as long as your pinky finger. 

Titanium EDC

At PDW, we have a strong affinity for titanium billet and machining them into useful, everyday carry tools and objects. The SPD X-11 is a precision made tool to EDC. #hikebikecampshootridedive


Advanced, Utility

Using the latest fabrication techniques, we were able to construct the handle out of a solid piece of titanium billet, creating a unibody cutting tool. Despite it's very compact size, smart details characterize the design which features four preset blade positions and carefully considered ergonomics.


We use the best grade in materials in the making of our X-11. From 6AL-4V grade-5 titanium billet, to the brightest strontium aluminate cabochon button inlay, PDW is uncompromising in quality of make. The practical use of the replaceable, readily available no.11 utility blades was a smart decision to have an off the shelf supply of razor sharp blades at your disposal. 

A to

As with just about all of our EDC tools and items, we include a presentation box, that is simple, yet elegant and practical. Our tin boxes are completely reusable for storing odds and ends, fire making supplies, a DIY sewing kit and more.


Making the X-11 literally required some fresh angles in fabrication methods. It was a challenging and ultimately satisfying exercise to achieve a unibody construction that we were after, as well as the whole process to miniaturize the entire cutting tool was befitting of our SPD classification. 

Product Specs


  • 6AL-4V Titanium
  • Carbon Steel
  • Strontium Aluminate

Approx. Dimensions

  • OAL: 59mm / 2.32"
  • Thickness: 7.62mm / .30"
  • Thickness with Button: 8.32mm / .033"
  • Width: 10.4mm / .041"

Approx. Weight

  • 8.5g / 0.3oz


  • Precision Machined Titanium Unibody Construction
  • Fine Matte Industrial Finish
  • Brightest Glow in the Dark Button Cabochon
  • Uses Replaceable, Readily Available No. 11 Utility Blades
  • Four Blade Positions
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Packed in SPD Signed Tin Presentation Box


  • SPD Kraken Trident

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
John N
Great little Keychain edc

Love the thing and it's super handy. Only downside is the xacto z blades don't fit on it. Other than that it's awesome.

Mike Harrell
Pocket scalpel

Perfect for trimming the wayward cuticle, opening boxes or any small, delicate work. Replacement blades are less than $.50 each so there’s no excuse for it not to always be razor sharp. Connected to a key ring the keys fill your palm and anchor the X11 so your fingertips can precisely manipulate it. Some well-placed gimping at the blade end helps with the grip.

James Holtzapfel
Nifty Little Knife

It's tiny and light and is scalpel sharp. Put a lanyard and bead on it and it can live in the jean watch pocket . I ordered a box of 150 , #11 Exacto blades , $6.00. Should last me years. Handy little cutter, do I need it, no, but that's not the point. It Prometheus gear! Of course you want it.

Powerful little cutter

This is perfect to leave in the car for cutting all those things you pick up (mail, packages from the store, etc.). It's got style and total functionality.

So cool

This little tool is awesome, it’s a simple but genius design. Perfect for little edc tasks.

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