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Our state-of-the-art, technical,
goose down mid-layer hoodie.

Best in

The Stratus Goose Down Hoodie has the most state-of-the-art technical features, design details, and is made with premium materials through out. PDW is committed to offering the best goose down hooded jacket in its class. The most amount of premium, hydrophobic down fill, the latest in lightweight, stretch performance fabrics, ample EDC-friendly pockets, and numerous other fine details all characterize the top tier standing of the Stratus. 

Water Repellant
Goose Down

Why water repellant goose down? Wet and soaked down kills the ability of this premium natural insulating material to loft and trap warm air, rendering it completely useless. PDW uses our own Goose DownTek™, a clean chemistry treatment process for goose down to keep it 27 times drier than without. This means our treated goose down is able to retain its loft, trap warm air and keep you insulated even in damp/wet conditions. Superior performance from nature's most efficient insulator. 

850 Fill

The core of every down jacket is the fill. PDW uses 850 fill power down fill, which sits squarely in the excellent range when it comes to quality. Simply put, this means that you have an excellent, high degree of loft for less weight and maximum insulating properties. Surrounding our premium down fill, is our state-of-the-art 20D stretch nylon shell; light, durable and features innovative, stitchless baffles. That translates to minimal bulk and superior freedom of movement.


Until recently, down-proof shell fabrics with stretch were not possible. This is where you couldn't have stretch and not have an unacceptable degree of down clusters working their way through the fabric weave. Using the industry's most advanced CNC textile milling machines, the latest in lightweight, down-proof, stretch shell fabrics were developed, and used in our Stratus Hoodies. Other details include using the industry's best YKK zippers and of course smartly placed pockets, which characterize all of PDW's apparel designs.


We can't help but always look for ways to improve our designs. In addition to several new colors, we added the much loved and useful inside stash pockets, which come in handy for storing gloves, beanies, energy bars, to keeping your personal electronic devices' batteries warm in frigid weather. We actually now feature a total of 6 handy, EDC-friendly pockets in our Stratus Hoodie.


In keeping with our beliefs for humane treatment, RDS Certified means ethically harvested down and best practices used in animal welfare according to established international standards.

Camp and

Extending the usefulness of our Stratus even further, we designed an integrated camp pillow feature into the jacket. By simply turning either one of the hand pockets inside out and stuffing the jacket inside, you can convert this into a handy camp pillow. Perfect for backpacking and mountaineering. And for a final little extra, we also include an extra brushed tricot stuff sack that can also convert the Stratus into a travel neck pillow. 


On average, PDW apparel is designed and made to last a minimum of 5 seasons. Durability, high level function, performance and less waste are integral to PDW's product mission. While actual mileage is highly subjective and based on an individual's use and lifestyle, we strive to build goods to last, beyond the industry's typical life cycle standards, and we do not subscribe to wasteful "fast fashion" or disposable consumerism.


PDW is committed to working with the world's best partner factories in the making of our goods. Whether here at home in the States, or beyond to vetted, top tier partners across the globe. Our commitment means that we can deliver the best-made goods we can to our customers.


Product Specs


  • 20D Stretch Nylon with C6 DWR
  • Goose DownTek™, Clean Chemistry, Treated Water Resistant with Antimicrobial Treatments, RDS Certified 850 Fill Power Goose Down
  • 90% / 10% Down / Feather Mix
  • Brushed Poly Tricot
  • #5 YKK 2-way Reverse Coil Nylon Main Zipper
  • #3 YKK Reverse Coil Nylon Pocket Zippers
  • Custom Nylon Hardware and Trims


  • 18.39oz/521.6gms


  • Regular Fit, Can Be Worn Over Base-Layers to Fleece and Sweaters
  • S, M, L, XL, XXL


  • Water Resistant Goose DownTek™ Treated 850 Fill Power Goose Down with Antimicrobial Treatments
  • RDS Certified Goose Down
  • 4oz / 113gm Fill Weight (Size Medium)
  • Stretch, Water Resistant Shell
  • Cozy Hood Liner
  • 3 Zippered, Exterior Pockets
  • Integrated Microfiber Lined Camp Pillow Hand Pockets
  • 1 Internal Zippered Stash Pocket
  • 2 Internal Open Top Stash Pockets
  • 1 Additional Detachable Stuff-Sack/Travel Pillow
  • Full Windflap
  • Internally Routed Cinch Bottom Shock Cords


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Scott Hanlon
Awesome jacket

This jacket exceeds my expectations. It's very warm and the inner liner makes it feel cozy. The neck pillow is different but I consider it a big bonus that other brands don't think about. I purchased it for a backup emergency jacket but I think it will become my everyday winter jacket.

Great coat

This is a legit great coat. It’s “puffier” than I expected but weighs nothing and looks like it will pack down small as well. The zipper is a bit fussy but once you know what to do then it’s fine. The interior pockets that were added are great, although they feel like an afterthought and are very loose. All in all a great coat.

excellent quality

- excellent quality
- all the characteristics are right
- the measurements of the size are correct
- very good value for money

Great jacket...until

I guess I should have researched little better. After two months of not being able to decide which jacket to buy, i went with this one.

After wearing it for a month I have no complaints other than the zipper can be a little finicky at times. The design is great. It's lightweight, comfortable and is plenty warm for what i use it for.

But it's made in China. I didn't realize until I was reading the instructions for washing. Lame as hell. I understand thats why the price is what it is. "Designed in California, made in China". To a red blooded 5th generation Montanan them are fightin words"

Probably won't buy anything else from this company unless they offer something made in America. I'm happy with the coat. Its just waaaaay less awesome than I thought it was.

In many instances and the realistic truth of the matter, some products are excellently made in ChiNAH...and for a much better price to pass down to the end consumer. Would you be willing to spend twice as much for a USA made version of the Stratus? And for us on the flipside, would then invite all the cries of, 'Oh you guys are sooo expensive!..' Would you be willing to spend twice as much on a US made smartphone? All projections point to a minimum of $2,000 for a US made version. Sure we would love to make all of our goods in the USA. It's simply not a feasible path, starting in the 1990s under the Bush administration, which saw a huge off-shoring of American manufacturing, especially in the outdoor industry.

If you can get enough US consumers willing to pay on average twice as much retail for the same goods to be made here, then we would probably be more willing to produce here...if we can even find the factories to do so, which have become very few and far inbetween. And no, we're not anywhere big enough to capitalize our own factories here.

As a small American business, we do what we can in the USA. But no, we can't make everything here, as much as we would love to.

But, pls by all means, support us in buying our US made goods, which there are many on our site. Cheers!

Isabel Page
Stratus Down Hoodie Great Buy

Great buy for cold weather climate and for traveling between cities and outdoors. But wish the sleeve cuffs were tighter. And had a synch on the hoodie to tighten it down

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