Ti-Fire Steel Mk2

Our production version of the previous SPD A.G. Fire Steel, and now with a 6AL-4V titanium billet handle in our popular Mk2 style "pineapple" grip pattern. This ferro rod fire starter was designed to be used over a lifetime with the key features of a custom, threaded and replaceable ferrocerium rod and a corrosion-proof, precision milled titanium billet hollow handle that can store tinder or other small survival items.
  • "Fire Steels" or ferrocerium rods are a proven and effective method of creating a shower of fire starting sparks for starting a campfire. We wanted to design and create one that would last your lifetime and the next. The threaded 3/8" diameter ferrocerium rod is a great balance between size and usability in the field. If it ever breaks or in some cases "worn out" (some bushcraft instructors will sometimes use theirs so often during classes, they become too thin to be used), our ferro rod can be easily replaced. The titanium handle also features a small, water tight compartment that will store a pieces of tinder or other small survival items.
  • Specifications:

    • 6AL-4V Titanium
    • Fine Matte Ceramic Media Finish
    • O-rings
    • Ferrocerium
    Approx. Dimensions:
    • Overall Length: 5.325"
    • Handle Diameter: 0.618"
    • Ferrocerium Diameter: 0.395"
    • Ferrocerium Length (with thread): 4.00"
    Approx. Weight:
    • 2.50 oz
    • Ferrocerium Rod is Threaded for Easy Replacement
    • Water Tight Hollow Handle Compartment for Tinder or Other Small Survival Items
    • Threaded Cap with O-ring
    • Lanyard Hole
    • Mk2 Style "Pineapple" Pattern Titanium Handle for Secure Grip