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Rugged and

Excellent quality of make and purpose driven, fine details. Featuring aerospace grade 5, corrosion proof titanium billet construction. Strong and lightweight to withstand the harshest of environments and conditions.

Fire Support Tool

The Ti-FST is a precision made titanium billet stash tube designed to store fire making supplies to create a small, yet fully self contained, survival fire making kit. The primary compartment is sized to fit the standard strike-anywhere match and/or our optional Ti-1HSU. There is enough room to fit the Ti-1HSU, 4 strike-anywhere matches and also one of our Ferro Stash rods. The 2ndary compartment is sized to perfectly fit the German, barrel style pencil sharpener. This sharpener can create tinder shavings from suitably sized wood sticks, easily found in the wild. Or use this compartment to store pre-made tinder. 


Purpose Driven
Industrial Design

The Ti-FST exemplifies PDW's pursuit of excellently designed and machined billet, functional objects. True to form and form follows function. Each detail adheres to a clearly defined function and useful attribute.

EDC for
Wilderness Travel

The core intent of the Ti-FST is to provide a useful device that can confidently cover two of your core wilderness survival needs. In addition to the ability of reliably making a fire, the other is navigation. Each of these stash tubes comes with a built-in, oil filled waterproof button compass.  

Product Specs


  • Aerospace Grade G5 Titanium
  • Fine Matte Finish
  • O-Rings
  • Silicone with Strontium Aluminate Pigments

Approx. Dimensions

  • Overall Length: 4.60"
  • Handle Diameter: 0.75"
  • ID1: 0.595" Diameter X 2.708" Deep
  • ID2: 0.629" Diameter X 1.016" Deep

Approx. Weight

  • 2.3oz / 65g


  • Precision Titanium Construction
  • Corrosion Proof
  • Water Tight Compartments
  • Built in Oil Filled, Waterproof, Button Compass in Cap
  • Anti-Roll Hexagonal Body
  • Industrial Knurling on Both Caps
    • Striking Surface for Strike-Anywhere Matches
  • Primary Compartment Stores Fire Making Ignitors Such as Ferro Rod, Strike-Anywhere Matches, Ti-1HSU
  • Secondary Compartment Stores German-Made, Barrel Style Pencil Sharpener to Make Tinder Shavings from Suitable Sized Wood Sticks, or More Pre-Made Tinder

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